The Family Game (rewriting)

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The Family Game (rewriting)

The author is lazycupcake

❝For the last time, no, I don't like football.❞

Rebecca, a simple girl in complicated game. Being raised with three brothers who are -of course- football players. The eldest, Connor, is in college playing for one of the top universities in the country. Her twin, Roger, is the most popular guy at her school, and the youngest and probably is the most relatable, Chad, the genius of the family yet he plays football.

And her?

 A normal girl who hates football. She's forced to go to every single one of her brothers' games, hated by her brother's groupies, and just stressed out with school. With the constant reminder of the game she's about to lose her mind. 

 Will Rebecca learn the ropes of the game or be tackled out?  

Cover by: lazycupcake

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