You, Me and Everything in Between

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You, Me and Everything in Between

The author is jpy-sofine

Being holed up in the ladies loo's because the office internet and Wi-Fi's packed up, with an all important deadline looming isn't quite how Twenty-Nine year old writer Jemima Clarke envisioned her Friday afternoon to pan out.

And then in blows Ruby, a freshly dumped and hysterical young girl who is just as surprised to find someone camping out in the last toilet cubicle at the offices of Aspire To Be, the countries seventh most popular Women's Lifestyle site.

The ever apathetic Jemima isn't at all cut out to deal with such dramatics but she soon realises that some encounters you can't always escape from, nor should you hope to.

Just like her simmering dalliances with Jack, the office lothario or Dylan, the enigmatic new transatlantic import, and not to mention her passive aggressive boss Norine who has important news in store that sets in motion a chain of events that she could never have planned for, or ever have predicted.

But often chance chucks you a lifeline when you least expect it, and with Ruby becoming an increasing and much needed constant in her usually mundane daily life, Jemima finds that sometimes you have to separate the Jems from the rocks to truly appreciate lasting love and friendship.

. . .

You, Me and Everything in Between is a new, contemporary ChickLit novel about life, lust, love, family and friendship. Humorous and unapologetic in tackling what it really means to be a woman on the cusp saying goodbye to her twenties, and all the complications that comes along and in between.

Cover by - Jpy-sofine

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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