Number 5

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Number 5

The author is Bestfootforward

In a world where you're defined by class can anything else exist?

"At the age of 16, each male and female must attend the earliest 'Summoning'. From their the ideal match is generated for each individual in a process known as 'Sorting'. Once a pair have been matched, they will reside to the male's dwelling to live out their lives in harmony. If an individual is not matched at a Summoning, they must continue to attend until their match is Sorted. Failure to comply with these terms shall result in immediate imprisonment." - President Mangold


In the early ages both the caste system and the 'Sorting' were instituted. Society is based on a class system and the number of a particular caste branded on the left shoulder of each human. The caste system is rated from 1 to 5. 

Elle Silver is a 3. As is her twin sister, her mother and her father. On her 16th birthday, Elle and her sister Ana are summoned. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of her mother and father, Elle is anxious to find out who her match is and the caste he is from. 

Because as the her mother has always said: 'You would hope for your sake that you're not matched to a 1 or a 5.'

Stereotypes are often accurate but occasionally they can be more wrong then you'll ever understand.

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