His Playboy Ways

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His Playboy Ways

The author is Bookworm_Tina

“Please don’t leave.” he pleaded. His once arrogant, obnoxious, confident gaze looked so vulnerable, helpless and most of all like the young little boy I once knew. 

“I have to, I’ve warned you time and time again you will regret your playboy ways one day and it seems that day has come.” I said softly looking into his lost looking, soft orbs of blue and grey. 

Meet Carly Isabelle Edwards, once was a rebellious badgirl now is the passive good girl who only worries about her grades and getting into a renowned college. When she moves back to California with her mom, she meets her once sweet, naïve and caring childhood friend after almost four years; to only find out that he had grown to be the biggest, obnoxious playboy.

Despite tons of arguments, fights and banter Carly and Mason are still best friends. Carly, however hates Mason’s playboy ways and tries to change him but fails because of Mason’s non-belief in real relationships and love. 

Carly’s days of just worrying about school are gone. Her life has started revolving between relationships, feelings, love, hatred, old crushes, her past and even death.

Will Carly succeed in changing Mason’s point of view or will it be too late when he realizes it himself?

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