Everything Makes Music

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Everything Makes Music

The author is ThinkReadWrite

 Depressed? Nope.

Resilient? Not quite.

Dawn just kept living life like there was no time to waste. Even though a major accident left her deaf, from head trauma, Dawn wasn't quite the same. People pitied her. They saw her as weak and disable. Dawn moved on in life quitting the one thing she loved most, dance.

Senior year isn't quite as she wanted it to be. She wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon School of Arts. That dream was shattered and impossible since music wasn't the same, what was once rhythmical, became a roaring pain amplified by her hearing aids. She couldn't dance without hearing the music, or so she thought when a boy name Ryker Lorence is reintroduced into her life.

It's not about the sound, it's about the feeling. 

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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