Dear Diary♥

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Dear Diary ♥

The author is Mariam-Abdelhamed

Dear Diary♥

I saw him passing by my way. I didn't know what to do. I used to smile and greet him but I felt so awkward so I looked the other way. Besides he is the star of basketball team. He will never notice a geek like me.


Dear Diary♥

I passed by the corridor and saw the pretty smart girl. I usually sit with during chemistry. I tried to smile at her but she looked the other way. Besides I'm just a guy who would shoot some hoops while she is the pretty honor student. She will never like a guy like me.


Meet Alison..

She is the most beautiful nerd, you may ever meet. She loves drawing so much, it's her passion! She has a quiet and beautiful life, ignoring the part with her twin brother Alex. Their lifes full of laughs, tease and pranks..

Meet Austin..

He is the school's playboy, but the most handsome boy at the same time. Basketball is all his life. He has a normal life with an old wound.

So what happens when their paths meet? And they both make a deal? Some secrets reveal?

Join their lifes, where there's comedy, pranks, drama, romance.. And much more.

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