The Girl Who Wrote The Dating Manual

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The Girl Who Wrote The Dating Manual 

The author is xXForever_LoveXx

Ever since Candice Sinclair started college, her life has consisted of books, studying and classes. She's never had time for romance, but she doesn't believe in love, anyway. Brought up in a life where true love didn't exist, she lost hope in ever finding her Prince Charming.

That is until she meets Chance Ryder, who is sweet, charming, perfect, and different to any boy Candice has never met before. The only difference between Candice and Chance? Chance is a hopeless romantic. The only problem? Candice has no idea how to love. But Chance is determined to teach her.

But, as Candice soon learns, there is a reason they say love is hard. But will Candice find the true love she didn't think existed? Or will she have her heart broken? There's only one thing she knows: She has absolutely no idea how to date. And she'll need all the help she can get.

Candice Sinclair is officially... The Girl Who Wrote The Dating Manual.

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