The Player's Best Friend

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The Player's Best Friend

The author is vonnie9o1


I walked Vivian up to her apartment. During the ride back she couldn't stop talking about the clothes she saw and her smile was constant. The spark in her eyes never left. How could I ask her to stay just because I was a self-centered fool. I'd miss her.

"Thanks for dinner, Rich. I really appreciate it." I knew she meant for more than just dinner.

"Your welcome, Viv." I hugged her.

She was still here for another week. There's no need to go all sappy now. It was only 3 months. She'll be back before I know it. But for now, I needed this. To be with her. We pulled apart. That glow was still there. If I hadn't known any better, she looked like one of my many one night stands after hot sex. Wait, she looked like-

"Oh, shit."

"What is it?" She asked. Her face was surprised that I cursed out of nowhere.

"Who is he?" I demanded.

"Who's who?"

"The man that you're fucking, Viv."

*keep in mind, the story is mainly in Vivian's POV. This is just a snippet of Richard's.

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