Business As Usual

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Business As Usual

The author is BigDreams91

July Rose Truth lives with her father and older brother. Her father is a very rich man and owns quite a few companies. July is the nerd in her family; she still attends high school in her senior year. Her brother works for their father in his companies.

One night July meets a mysterious stranger at the theater. He captures her mind and attention for weeks to come.Weeks later July comes home to her father to find that she must meet a new person working for him.  She discovers the stranger from the theater is her father's new associate. 

Turns out July must accompany her father and this man out of the country for business. They will stay in a beach home of her father's including the new business partner.The only problem with their relationship is that he is a friend of her fathers and works for him. He is working in the tightness of high business. The only question that he must ask is will he follow his heart or will it just be business as usual?

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