A Tomboy's Love Attempt

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A Tomboy's Love Attempt 

The author is JLVice

Magdilyn Jones, a Junior at Adairville High, has always had problems with trying to find a boyfriend. The only boyfriend she ever had dumped her for her now ex-best friend, Elina, two years ago. She's a total tomboy, but she believes it's the way she acts and her appearances that are affecting her chances. With the help of her best friend, Jill Thompson, she does a complete make-over. But Jill being Jill there's a price to pay for her help. 

Maggie must go on three blind dates and choose one to continue dating. With her trust shattered one too many times Maggie isn't so sure she can go through with it, and after falling for Raoul, her brothers' best friend, and AJ, Adairville High's well-known player, deciding becomes a question. A question that she doesn't know how to answer. What if she does? What then?

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