Something Inside

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Something Inside

The author is kendoll350        

Ashton Miller was the most powerful, richest, sexiest man alive. Being a multimillionaire he has everything he could ever want; girls, cars, wealth, so much money he didn't know what to do with. Being the biggest playboy in New York he jumps from girl to girl breaking each heart as he went along. He didn't care about anything other then his company and himself. But when he meets Layla Kingston will he start to care about something other then himself? Will he finally feel something inside?    

Layla Kingston was the opposite of Ashton Miller. She wasn't rich making her have to work a crappy job. She didn't have guys all over her in fact shes only had one boyfriend and that didn't even turn out well. Layla hasn't had it all, she's had a hard life and when she thinks her life is starting to be normal it turns out way different then she thought. The moment she meets Ashton her life turns upside down and she starts to find herself falling for him even when she knows she shouldn't. But will she make him different then he use to be? Or will he always be a cold-hearted playboy?

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