Beloved Haunting

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Beloved Haunting

The author is Nichola_Royse

How long are you willing to wait for love? Twenty years...

Cassandra Crenshaw has yet to see her 21st birthday, yet that hasn't stopped her from finding new home and establishing herself as an independent woman. Love was never a factor during her childhood; only self-loathing and submissiveness. It's never been a matter of life and death before, only a choice between demanded silence and inevitable agony. Cassandra has known little else, and will know nothing else. Or so she thinks.

Vying to get away from the mother that disapproves of her very existence and the father that openly wishes for a son instead of a daughter, Cassandra just wants to be at peace.

...Or Two-Hundred?

He has never been fond of trespassers. Not the aggravating contractors that wish to tear down his one connection to this world. Not the childish vandals that seek to deface his home and dispel his presence. However, not this time, not this woman-- not this anguish.

Seeing her face again stirs his wandering soul, and he can only keep himself away for so long. Will he make amends with the woman that left him for dead? Will the dark truth that resulted in his departure from this world will be revealed before it's too late?

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