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Strange things happen. All the time. Everyday. Sometimes we don't notice them, sometimes we can't forget them. 

People change. People die. It's inevitable, it happens to all of us. We can't change it. 

Sometimes we are able to save lives, which in the end, we realize that it was only prolonged. 

Everyday our seconds on this earth fly by whether we want them to or not. One day, they run out, and there is nothing we can do about it. 

No matter how it happens, or when it happens, the fact that doesn't change that it hurts.

We cry, we mourn. Some get over it quickly, some never get over it. 

Me? I lost everyone that ever mattered to me. I want to move on, I really do, but the huge, gaping hole in my heart prevents me from forgetting. 

I peer over its edges, calling out. Listening for something, hoping for anything, but only getting the depressing echos of my own voice in return. 

Maybe one day the hole will swallow me me up too. Maybe I'll fall into the abyss that is my own heart. 

Or, maybe I'll find something to fill it. Something. Anything will do. Because right now, nothing lives there, and that scares me. 

Sometimes you just have to wonder; are any of us really living? What does that term mean? Living. It's just one word, but it says so much. Because if you're not living, then you're just dying. 

I guess it boils down to your mindset. Living, dying. They mean the same thing really. They both end with death. Poof. Gone. Not there anymore. 

Death doesn't give us a proper warning; he just takes you. We try to get ready; I mean we all know it's coming. But, when he finally takes someone, we are shocked. Stunned. In need of answers. 

Maybe we need to learn to live in the right now. Don't worry about whether you are living or dying, worry about when something in your life will change. 

Because something will. Eventually. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in fifty years, but it will

Maybe the change will ruin your life, or maybe, just maybe, it will save it. 

You never know when something strange will happen, or what affect it will have on your life. You can't prepare for it. You just have to face it, and hope for the best. 

That strangest thing just might be your liberation. You never know, it just might change your life. Forever. 

- From Prologue 

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