4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{80.}

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Chapter 80-

~*Travis's POV*~

"So, you wanna explian or should I just pull the plug right now, cause Im at a lost for words right now Carson a LOST!!" I said trying to hold back all the anger i was feeling for my brother right now. Carson looked down at the cast on his writs then back towards the door in silence.

"Im uhh Sorry, I guess... I didnt mean to."

"Wow, you diodnt mean to...DIDNT MEAN TO do you hear yourself right now you could have been killed by a mob of bar goers, or Just killed yourself in that crash and you know how I feel about drinking and driving you know what happen to dad and you go out and do some stupid shit like this and for what? Sadie, because she doesnt like you? or is it cause that fake barbie tramp tiffanny came back into the picture?"

"No ... It wasnt, I just needed a drink thats all one thing led to another and it turned into a fight and then..."

"A car crash stupid!! do you know how hard it was for me to pull your body out of that car?" Al the memoruies from my fathers death became all I could see...it was hard enough for me to drink and end up killing dad."

"You didnt kill dad!!! you were drunk."

"But I was in the car, I was there I was holding the will I... I paused and took a deep breath ... Nothing."

"Dont say nothing, you wanna talk about it ... you knoww we never really spoke on the subject." Carson pointed to the chair that sat next to the bed, I wiped the acess tears away and took a seat.

"When I was drunk, me and dad were in the car driving, he must have taken his med.s cause next thing I know the car is moving left and right, my head is spinning, Im aboout to throw up from all the motion sickness and dad ... his head is in the steering wheel, So .. I grab the wheel and swerve little did I know it was into a tree."

"So, that doesnt sound like it was your fault, dad was sleep at the wheel."

"Yeah, well he is gone and I have to live with the guilt it doesnt even matter who was asleep where, I should have never gotten as drunk as I did, then to see you all drunk after he died it was like a blast from the past ... that shit runs in this family and I didnt want to see that happen to you again...."

"And .. It wont I promise I wont drink, but I need you Travis, your all I got left your my brother and I need your support I know your angry but..."

"Dont say anymore, you need to get some rest ... I'll figure out what to do with you once you get better but I just need you to promise me no more drinking and stay away from the tiff. girl she is nothing but trouble and is probably the reason you started drinking in the first place isnt she?" I rose one eyebrow and got up from the chair.

"Me and tiff. never again." he said plain and simple. I smiled and walked towards the door.

"Hey Travis...!!!"


"Thanks, for everything you've been alot of help."

"I'm your brother thats what im here for, now get some rest ... I'll be back tomorrow."


"How is he?" Sadie said running up to me.

"He's fine, are you okay you look like you just saw a ghost."

"Well, Im happy Carson is okay ... Other than that no."

"Wanna talk about it Im all ears right about now."

"i ... I dont know, you might tell Xavier then thing may get out of hand." She started to play with her fingers, and messing with her hair.

"Sadie, you need to tell me ... what happen?"

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