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Stalked and Stolen by Samanthaxlauren
Stalked and Stolenby Sam
When 16 year old Katy Rhodes goes for a night of babysitting, she expects everything to go perfectly fine. But when everything goes wrong and when she gets kidnapped she...
  • stalked
  • babysitter
  • ropes
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Ladybug Gets Tied Up by strawberryglitter
Ladybug Gets Tied Upby strawberryglitter
Just another normal Akuma fighting day, until Ladybug falls in Cat Noir's trap. An explicit story of two heroes that finally get together.
  • sexy
  • catnoir
  • bondage
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Depressing Rounds by mrdice
Depressing Roundsby mrdice
Well as it seems life is a terrible burden yet it also is a great present. In Depressing Rounds I tried to encap life moments (good and... mostly bad) into a series of p...
  • ropes
  • selfhatred
  • suicide
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Hot Vampires  by EpitomeRose
Hot Vampires by EpitomeRose
Brooklyn meets some vampires at a bar. One of them takes a liking to her. Lots of sex ensues.
  • sexy
  • possessive
  • ropes
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Ropes by Crystal_Tiger_123
Ropesby Crystal_Tiger_123
When Raine's mother died she was left with her father and two brothers. Her death cause? The rope system- once you turned 40 you are killed as you were seen as useless...
  • drama
  • government
  • newboy
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In Her Hands  by Jennacat84
In Her Hands by Jennacat84
Mitsuhide needs some help to unwind
  • ropes
  • lemon
  • shibari
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Oh, Sweetheart by LetMeWriteYourDreams
Oh, Sweetheartby 4Roses
"Who are you? What are you doing in here?" She said. "I'm here because he didn't repay us." The man with the mask said. "Who didn't re...
  • evil
  • tied
  • billionaire
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Captured by haliet
Capturedby haliet
2 of us. Locked in a basement. Ropes on our wrists and ankles.
  • killed
  • escape
  • basement
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The way of true happiness (Naruto fanfiction) by Harpybitch
The way of true happiness ( Furi Hitachiin
Mika returns to Konoha to do the genin exam after years of traveling and training with her Master. She's a happy, carefree, positive person who dislikes very few and see...
  • day
  • departure
  • kiba
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A Fake Smile can hold back Tears by amwrites
A Fake Smile can hold back Tearsby simba, hear me roooaaar
This is a book of poetry I've written. Note: Most of the poems featured here are dark, depressing, and may be triggering.
  • note
  • bad
  • tramatic
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Bow Down To Me ( Coming Soon) by TwistedGirl85
Bow Down To Me ( Coming Soon)by TwistedGirl85
Celestine Winter is a waitress looking to explore her dominant sexuality by joining a BDSM club. Xavier, Dante, and Blake are three very powerful men. They were known t...
  • romance
  • interracial
  • controlling
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Ours (Kidnapped) by dauntless36amity
Ours (Kidnapped)by Milez & Ali
Love, romance, kidnapping. What more could you want? '"Ours..." he says softly, as she falls into a deep sleep...' When Alia, a feisty young woman in line for...
  • ships
  • man
  • scream
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The Sleepover by TheSpAztic
The Sleepoverby TheSpAztic
Horror Story.
  • barn
  • scary
  • clowns
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Girlfriend To A Baby by little_aothur
Girlfriend To A Babyby Leena
⚠️Do not read if you're underage ⚠️ A sweet little girl enjoying with her friends, suddenly meets a few guys that take up some special place in her heart. She knows it's...
  • damselindistress
  • pain
  • club
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The Unexpected (ON HOLD) by crystalsintheair
The Unexpected (ON HOLD)by Caitlin
They say to always expect the unexpected. But what happens when, simply put, the unexpected is the expected? Friendships are questioned, relationships are broken, and ev...
  • places
  • funeral
  • annoying
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The Thief (Second Story I wrote) by Caliber199
The Thief (Second Story I wrote)by Jorge
  • strange
  • thief
  • willam
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Suicide thoughts by fanficaddictaffff
Suicide thoughtsby Anonymous
i wrote it all.
  • dying
  • suicide
  • thoughts
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