4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{8.}

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~*Sasha’s POV*~

It felt great dancing with Xavier and even though I aplogized I still wanted him for myself, He was never meant to be with Cassidy, things like this always happened to me. And I thought she got the point I liked him. I thought as I saw him walk away. 

"Hey Sasha, you wanna dance?" 

"Thanks Carlos sure we can dance." I said a little discouraged. 

"You know you look beautiful tonight, and uh--" 

"Carlos … I said stopping him mid-sentence ... Thanks for the dance but I have to go!" 

"Wait..." He said pulling my arm. 


"Please just one dance? I really like you and since were leaving the day after tomorrow, I don’t want leave like this." I looked into his grayish green eyes that I never noticed once before. 

"You really like me?" 

"Yeah ever since last year i've liked you Sasha, you just never noticed." 

"Awe." I said hugging him and continuing our dance, then I thought about how I had just stuck that note in Xavier’s pocket the one I wrote and made up about us having sex for Cassidy to find. 

"Ohh noo!!" i mumbled. 

"You okay Sasha?" 

"No I really have to go…uhh to the restroom!!" 

"Oh okay..Are you coming back?" 

"Yeah, yeah got to go..." I ran off to the boys cabin in search for Xavier. 

"Xavier, Xavier where are you?? … Damn!!"



~*Week four Last Day*~ 


~*Cassidy’s POV*~

I woke up early to go on my usual walk through the nature trail passage way with my ipod in my ears until I heard someone scream my name.  

"Hey babe." Xavier said wrapping his hands around my waist. 

"Hey, I hope you wern’t looking for these." I said showing him a piece of his family guy boxers. 

"Ahh your wearing them?" He said stroking his non exsistant beard. 

"Yeah, you left them after you one night standed me" I joked as I stuck my hands in his back pockets while we kissed. He laughed and kissed me back. 

"Well I’m here now right?" 

"Yep, what this hmm?" I asked pulling the folded sheet out of his pocket. 

"I don’t know what is it?" 

"It’s a note!!" 

“A note? Well Nancy Drew what does it say?" I slapped Xavier shoulder and remained silent as I read threw the note that had a conversation from him to Sasha. 

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