4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{40.}

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~*Cassidys POV*~

"Are you sure were suposed to be doing this...cant it hurt the baby or something?"Xavier said as I took my cloths off exposeing my giant stomach that he stared at the whole time. 

"Dont you want me Xavier?" 

"Yes...but not like this!!!" 

"SO,you dont want me ugh..I have needs to Xavier...Just because Im pregnant doesnt mean I want sex too!!"I yelled as I threw on a shirt. 

"You look sexy as hell right now Cassidy...but I dont wanna hurt the babies." 

"You not big enough to hurt the babies dont be so cocky,"I whispered as I got ready to leave te room. 


"I said FINE...I guess you can go then." 

"Cassidy come on cant I stay?"he begged with said eyes. 

"Are we going to have sex?" 

"I dont..." 

"Well?"Xavier wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my stomach making his way up to my chest the my neck and finally he brushed his lips against mine. 


"Yeah..you want to have sex?"I said getting excited. 

"Come here sexy mama."he said leading me to the bed and takeing my shirt off. 

"Ummm,I love You Xavier"he said giving in to my needy eyes. 

"I know..." 


[The Funeral]

"Cassandra Ericson-Watts wasnt Just a woman...She was An Extrodionary woman she was born On a cold January day in a time where no one knew what it ment to be diffrent As she began to grow up and Mature she Learned that being a woman cant stop her from acheiving her dream...Starting her own small business A one woman Job she soon Came into enough money to to expand her business and was and allways will be A wonderful power woman...In the Middle of her sucess she found love With in a Mr.Dion Watts who she called the love of her life and The wind beneath her wing,the two where in love for what felt like a decade in the mist of their love they Created the beautiful Joy that Is their late daughter A Sarah Ericson who passed at the young age of 10 years old but the death of one daughter didnt stop the love from produceing another child Cassidy Ericson...I would like you all to know that allthough Cassandra is not with us she isnt forgotton she will be in all of our hearts,souls and memorys As Cassandra would say lets Not dwell on the Past Memorys When There are Memorys in the future that are yet to be insurted into the Braind of our Children and our Childrens Children and let the grace of god and Christ let This angel into the gates of heaven and the arms of my god and your god amen amen amen...Thank You."The Preacher said strongly holding back any emotion that he may have for my mothers passing,After the Funeral I felt tired I felt as if crying was out of the question,even during the funeral I couldnt cry allthough seeing the others cry made me said I still couldnt understand why I couldnt cry...the emotional hormaones from the baby made me cry atleast once a day,My thoughts were enterrupted as I sat in the CHurch alone as everyone left with their im sorries and your mother was a great person goodbyes,When a deep voice approached me from behind. 


"What are you doing here?" 

"Im your father,She was my wife I had to be here."he said sitting next to me.  

"Well leave...No one wants you here!!" 

"Cassidy I know your mad but..." 

"Im NOT mad at you,If you had some other reason you didnt want to be a father all those years I understand...You not the only father in the world that has left their kids at a young age."I said looking straight forward. 

"Sorry cassidy...." 

"Cassidy,Dion its time to review the will."The precher said inturrupting his apology,We walked into the backroom and sat while we waited in silence for the Preacher to return with the papers. 

"Okay so the two weeks before your mothers death she updated her will,seeing as it was a yearly thing she did and two weeks leading up to her death she updated and it states:Cassidy,you are to receive the fully paid for house,The Car and also the 200,350 dollars she has in a bank account for your hands only that she has been saving up for you to open the day you turn 18 years of age.Are you 18 yet Cassidy?" 

"No but I will be in June." 

"Well in June I will need for you to return to the church to get the details,"he said as a smile came on my face and anger came on my dads face. 

"Is that all?" 

"Yes,Oh umm she wrote something in here for your babies,She wants a Dr.Anderson to deliver them and as for you Mr.Ericson,She has nothing in here for you...im sorry."I couldnt help but laugh at him even being in the room. 

"Why would there be something in the will for him..he hasnt been here for allmost 15 years then all of a sudden he thinks his name is in the will...Well I have News For You 'DAD' your not you may have been years ago but your NOT!!" 

"Cassidy thats no way to talk to your father." 

"Your not My father your just some guy that got my MoM knocked up,your no one to me.Thank you Pastor Finnerdy for everything I will get my boyfriend to bring your money tomarrow." 

"Have a Blessed Day Cassidy,Take care." 

"You too,"I said walking out of the room,listning to the man I use to call dad's footsteps following behind me. 


"What Dion?" 

"I was wondering if we could start over,Maybe I could come back into your life as a father..you know?!" 


"Because,I messed up and maybe if we become closer I can be a grandfather to your kids and help you support them." 

"Well I dont want you in my life,my kids life or anything like that...Is it money you want?" 

"Wha..NO.."he studdard. 

"Uhh huh sure go back to whatever rock you came from under..Just Go Away."I said walking out of the church,with tears finaly comeing out of my eyes as I got into the car. 

"How are you?"Xavier said helping me with my seatbelt and kissing my cheek. 

"Im fine Now!!" 

"Whos that Guy standing overthere?" 

"Nobody..The past that I want to forget." 

"Oh okay."Xavier said as he drove off.

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