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Heart of the Sky by GavGav7
Heart of the Skyby Gavin Hetherington
Brando Hallward is stuck on a transatlantic flight with his ex when he meets the suave Daxten Lowe. Maybe his luck is about to change. ...
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Mile High Sneezes✈️ l.s by verifiedlarry
Mile High Sneezes✈️ l.sby yellow☽
Harry is on a plane to Spain and the boy next to him keeps sneezing.
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Breathless by paperandpen444
Breathlessby ~Samantha~
After missing a flight to Michigan, Erin is forced to sit with her fellow flight-misser, who is also an extremely hot male, her age, who just so happens to be single, sw...
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Beck+cat=love by llamadramaStyles
Beck+cat=loveby Ariana Styles c;
After Beck and Jades long off and on relationship ends for good Beck realizes he has feeling for the small, perky, loud red head known as Catrina Valentine.
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Don't Come Home by ThanaiH
Don't Come Homeby Δανάη
They were to many. That's what they said. They could feel it coming, 'cause its always silent before the storm. It was not just an apocalypse. It was a worldwide genocid...
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The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
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Sawaddeekha, Captain! | Bakal Terbit by CikMardiah
Sawaddeekha, Captain! | Bakal K A K M A R
MAYSARA MALEK. Gadis yang gemar menjalani hari-hari sebagai seorang tukang cuci di KLIA. Biar lah apa pun orang nak kata dan apa pandangan manusia kepadanya, Maysara lan...
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flight-risk {g.d.} by shinydols
flight-risk {g.d.}by del
"you're a flight risk, you know that?" grayson and elizabeth meet on a 17 hour plane ride, and they couldn't be more different. grayson, the quiet, shy teenag...
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How I Got Kidnapped By 1D (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction) by someblondesaresmart
How I Got Kidnapped By 1D (A someblondesaresmart
Ok. I'm just an ordinary girl right? Yeah, that's what I thought too. I'm 5'7" with long, straight, dark chocolate brown hair that lays nicely on my chest. I have g...
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There's A Reason - A Larry Stylinson Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
There's A Reason - A Larry Kaitlyn James
Harry Styles has the perfect life. He's a part of international superstar band One Direction, and he has four amazing best friends: Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis T...
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𝐣𝐨𝐬𝐡 𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢  by imnotgonnagetfamous
𝐣𝐨𝐬𝐡 𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 � imnotgonnagetfamous
Sex,love, and heart break is what makes a relationship but what about fame..... Hi my name is Maria I am the author of this book I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I...
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A Plane Ride to Heaven by xxbriannaxxx
A Plane Ride to Heavenby Brianna
You and Two-Bit have been best friends since your baby days. Your father who you can't stand gets a job all the way up north in New York City. You're forced to leave you...
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[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) (Watty Awards 2012) by rinkadink
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles ( Lucy
For her 16th birthday, Lucy Martin received a "present" from her childhood bestfriend, Louis Tomlinson; she got to be a backup dancer for One Direction. Things...
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Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
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Back and Bad by Laseliea
Back and Badby Laseliea
Mia Foster is the schools nerd. One day the bullies went to far and she ran away. Sadly her two brothers bullied her to. She left a note for her family. A year later She...
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Silence by CapriciousGirly
Silenceby Bree
This is my nEW SUBMISSION FOR THE SAD FANFIC CONTEST I AM HAVING WITH MY FRIENDS. This is basically an Itapan Sadtalia fic.
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Her Plan (Fake marriage)  #Wattys2018 by RomanticaA27
Her Plan (Fake marriage) Pearl
Alexa is faking her marriage to a player just to escape her dramatic family...
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island ☆ g.d. by glowdolans
island ☆ ❝𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐥!❞
In which a boy and a girl get trapped on an island together. completed, under editing * please excuse this awful writing, I am sorry for your eyes
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PUNCH ‣ lucas j zumann by requtation
PUNCH ‣ lucas j zumannby ☾mila☽
A girl finds herself seated on a plane next to a young famous actor who she simply calls 'cute guy' without knowing who he actually is. Next thing she knows they become...
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Life on a strange airbase by Shadow_trooper2
Life on a strange airbaseby Shadow_trooper2
Smut book, planes with the bits and pieces, with a guy who somehow survives it all
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