4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{34.}

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~*Xaviers POV*~

[The Next Day]

I woke up to a giant white light shineing in my face and And two doctors standing over me with stethascopes in my face and a needle in my arm.

"Do you know your name sir?"

"Yeah it..ahhh..Xavier..ouch..."

"You were in a car accident im Dr.Anderson,how old are you son?"

"8...aghhh..18,"I said struggling to speak.

"well you were cut with the glass when your car tumbled down the I 2-40 highway,your friends are okay excpt for a few cuts a scrapes,one of your friend broke their arm your writst is broken I'de advise you not to move as much..do you have family we can call for you?"

"Umm My mom..but do you mind If I use the phone and call myself?"

"Okay,I have to talk to the other passengers..I'll be back to check on you soon."

"Okay."I said picking up the phone and finding someone to call.


~*Cassidys POV*~

A heavy knock at the door and a ton of rings of the door bell woke me I had Just got to bed seeing that it was only 7:20 in the morning.

"Cassidy..Hey,How you feeling?"

"Im fine,thanks for stopping by Court,"I said giving her a warm hug.

"Im on the way to school..are you going today?"

"Yeah,maybe I can actually get to talk to Xavier,I havent talked to him all night."

"Yeah me neither..well I mean Richie"

"You havent talk to him either,I said throwing on one of Xaviers giant shirts I took from his house and some jean I was surprised I could still fit and walked out the house."


"Yeh Cass I told you we were Late,Ms.Copelman is going to kill us."

"Well we will just tell her I had morning sickness,"I said laughing cause I knew she would believe that lie.

"Yeah,Well Just see if she goes for that..."And she did after 35 minuets of being in the class I just couldnt take it anymore.

"Ms.Copleman,May I go to the restroom?"

"Yes,be back soon the test is about to start."

"Cass,where are you going,"she whispered as I grabbed my books.

"I cant take anymore,I have to get out of this class and out of this school."

"Okay,Text me later,heres my keys to my car."

"Kay,see you later."I walked out of the classroom,and headed up stairs towards my locker.

"Where you you think your going Tramp?"

"Who the hell are you?"I said stopping at the top step and moveing past her.

"Oh so you dont remember me,After all we've been going to school together since 2nd grade?"

"Umm noo sorry not ringing any bells."

"Whatever..you think you can take my man and have a baby with him and get away with it?"

"Okay look lady I dont know who you are?"

"Melonie!!!Melonie Verdez!!"

"Melonie...Wait Smellonie Melonie,"I said trying to hold myself back from laughing.

"Nobody ever called me that!!,"she said turning red with anger.

"Yeah not to your face."

"I never like you and now that I have Xavier,and you dont there will be no need for your baby to be in this world."

"What you dont have Xavier..and why would he want you when he's got me?"

"I dont know probley cause he was at my club haveing sex with ME!!,screaming my name while I gave him what you never would!!."

"You Bitch,your lying!!"

"Nope,no like I was saying theres no need for you and your baby,"She said putting her hands up as if she was surrendering to the police.

"What in the hell are you about to do,"I whined while walking backwards bumping into the rail on the steps.

"Im going to get my man,and your baby isnt going.to.stop me,"And with that I went tummbling down the steps,Courtneys keys flying one way,my notebook flying the other way and Melonies Evil Grin staying the same way.....


~*Melonies POV*~

I walked down the fourteen steps and stood over Cassidys body lying there like a fish out of water,sqerming like she was in pain which I could clearly see all over her face.

"Now to make sure that spawn you call a baby is dead,I have to drop this,"I said dropping a US Government book on her and kicking her in the back.

"Why would you *cough**Cough* do this to me?Ahhhh?"

"Because,I just dont like you Cassidy,Little Miss perfect Cassidy!!!"

"Why ahhhhh why dont you like...ahhh me?"

"hahahaha,I had Nilo way before you did,then who takes him?YOU...Then this new sexy guys comes into the school,were sitting in English class you here me talking about Xavier the new boy and how I want him and what do you do?You go and get pregnant by him,you man stealing whore,go ahead Cassidy Ericson drift off to sleep,go ahead,Oh and Cassidy,I whispered in her ear If you survive this and you tell anyone...I will KILL you...."I said bending over her sleepy body untill the bell rang,I grabbed my book that I had threw on her and ran off towards the Senior parking lot,running right into Courtney.

"Oh hey,Your Courtney right?"

"Yeah,hey your..."


"Yeah,so whats up?"

"Um I was wondering if you could give me a ride home im not feeling well and my boyfriends not here today,and I really wanna just go home...I didnt wanna tell anybody this but I think its...ehh emm morning sickness,"I said in a friendly whisper.

"Oh your pregnant?Funny everybody I knows is getting knocked up firs cassidy,then asia...why am I talking so much um sure why not!?!"

"Great,oh I saw Cassidy in the hall,she told me to meet you out here and to give you these,"I said dangeling the keys in her face.

"Oh well I guess she changed her mind about staying at school today..hop in...Melonie right?"

"Yeah...Right,"I couldnt help to notice a evil grin that I quickly wiped away when I looked in the mirror.


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