4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{51.}

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!*Before I start Melonie Verdez's Funeral is coming up in the next Chapter BUT...Im sosososo lost for that like I kinda have a(n) idea but im still lost sooo I was wondering if any of my fans..Thats you guys could help me out with ideas for the funeral I know Melonie is the enemy and stuff like that and I wrote Cassidy MoM funeral so well BUT im just POINT______ stuck on her's so Can you all please give me Ideas or if somebody wants to ehh emm ehh emm well write that part for me you can email me @ minniemouse_2010@hotmail.com PLEASE PLEASE oh and well ENJOY you all.........*!

*~Cassidy POV~*

"Xavier Im gonna go to the gift shop and pick up some ballons and a teddy for Asia before we go see her okay."

"Okay we can do that."

"Hi Welcome to Leighton North's Gift Shop how may I help you,"the lady at the counter said in a friendly tone.

"Okay umm I woul like two its a boy ballons and one congradulations ballons."I said looking up at the colorful array of ballons.

"Okay give me about five mins. and your ballons will be ready."

"Okay,Im gonna go look around."I walked towards the back of the gift shop towards the teddy bears and found the perfect one a white bear with golden angel wings on it and a place in the center to put a picture inside,Causeing me to think about my own babies seeing all the baby picture frames and books and bears.

"MaM,your ballons are ready."

"Okay thanks...And I will get this bear also."

"Okay your total comes to 10.80 will that be cash or credit?"She said typing more numbers in to the cash register.

"Cash."I dug into my purse in search for my purpe wallet with the word ROAR and a picture of a dinosaur on it.

"Okay and would you like a weight to hold the ballons down?"

"Uhh Sure,Thanks."I said passing her 11 dollars.

"Okay here you go.Have a nice day."

"You too.Bye."

"DiD you get everything you need babe?"Xavier said wrapping his arm around my waist to keep me on balance.

"Yep,look at the bear isnt it cute."

"Uhh Yeah,I guess."he sttudard.

"whatever its adorkable..Just like you."I said kissing his lips

"Umm I love your kisses...Anyway I've talked to the nurse and Asia is in room D2520 int in the Maternity ward."

"Oh great lets go...Wait I said stopping in my tracks...Wheres Sadie?"

"Oh she's on her Cell I allready gave her the room number and floor number so we can go ahead."

"Oh okay well lets go."The ride up the elevator felt like it took forever and the slowness of the music made me a little tired,untill we got off of it.

"Okay heres the room."Xavier said opening the door.

"Knock Knock..wake up sleepy head."I joked as I walked into the room.

"Hey Cassidy,Xavier...I wasnt sleep I was resting my eyes..."

"Ohh sure you were Asia."

"Have a seat,Are look at the ballons their cute."

"Is that the baby,Awe..."I said walking over to the baby cot he was asleep in.

"Yeah,I actually just put him to sleep about an hour ago...But you can hold Kayden if you want to."She said sitting up in the bed.

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