4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{42.}

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~*Xaviers POV*~

"Xavier..Wake up..."

"Huuh..What time is it?"I said half awake.

"Is 6 oclock"Sadie said pushing my sholder.

"I slept for two hours...?"

"Yeah,And Dinners ready...so lets go."

"Oh okay,"I said feeling around the covers to see if Cassidy was next to me.

"Oh Cassidy went to a friends house..She will be back later."She said walking out the room.

"Hey..Sadie which friends house did she go to?"

"She didnt Say...I think she has her cell.Come on you can call her after dinner."

"Hey..Sleepy head..Wheres Cassidy?"She said expecting her to walk up to the table behind me.


"She went to a friends house.."Sadie said inturrupting me.

"Ohh Okay,She is probly on the way home Now,"My MoM said smileing and putting food on our plates,After dinner I called Casidy a couple time and got no answer,Then decided to call a couple of her friends.


"Hey,Asia..Is Cassidy over your house?"

"Umm No..why do you ask?"She said sounding worried.

"Well when I woke up she wasnt here and Sadie said she was at a friends house."

"Oh My God...I hope she is okay..You should try Courtney she allways know where Cassidy is."

"Okay thanks Asia."I said hanging up and Calling Courtney.

"Hey X man whats up,"Richie said answering the phone...Causeing me to double check to see if I dialed the right number...I did.

"Hey..Wheres Courtney?"

"What do you want with her..."He said sounding curious and angry.

"I just wanna know if she knows where Cassidy may have went."

"Oh hold on...Court...Phone...I heard in the background....Who gave you permission to answer my phone Richie...Damn I hate when you do that...ughh,She huffed....Hello?"

"Hey Courtney..Do you know where Cassidy may have went..of is she over your house?"

"Ohh NO NO NO...shes...STOP RICHIE...NO she not..STOP im on the phone...Ughh she not but have you called her?"

"Yeah..But she didnt answer."

"Umm..Well Ii will try to call her and then I will call you back okay?"


"Bye Xavier."I went outside and sat on the porch hopeing she would be walking up any minuet now..watching the sun set.


~*Cassidy POV*~

"So why did you wanna meet here..The gate isnt even open Cass..."

"well,help me find a rock so we can get in there..."I said frustrated and tired.

"Okay...Wait here is a Huge one...help me out."

"Im carring two babies and you expect..."


"Ughh okay dont yell,"After banging the rock on the lock for what felt like ever...we finally got the gate open.

"Ugghh This place is DEAD with a capital 'D' so where do you wanna go first?"

"To the lake...I just wanna sit and relax Sasha..Im tired."

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