4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{63.}

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*~Travis' POV~*

I pulled up to the scene the plane was in ruins, I couldn't stop thinking about what Cassidy said, not just that she was going to name her son TRAVIS...but that she wanted Me!! Me of all people to call her if her fiancee was dead or alive. What was I to say...

"Hi...Are you Xavier...good...Now I can tell your fiancee that your alive,"

And then walk away.

"Good...Travis you're here, we need you to get the stretcher, we got some dead one's live one and lost ones." My boss said rushing me over towards the Trucks. I only faintly remember what Xavier looked like.

"Ahhh...My side," A lady yelled as she was placed upon the stretcher.

"James? James? JAMES?" Another lady yelled. I could only wonder who this James person could be, Husband? Brother? Son maybe?

"Travis we got two more...A(n) old couple...Tragic," Eric, my partner said shaking his head.

"They got names?"

"Found two id tags on em, A Ingrid and Fred Kenning...Married since 1945."

"How'd you know that?" I said with one eyebrow raised.

"It says it on the tag." he said before walking away.


"Travis...we got three unconscious ones, we got em on oxygen and a monitor."

"You got names on them?" I yelled.

"Yeah...we got a name on one of them...a(n) Xavier...Newsome next to him was a girl...Girlfriend maybe...they were holding hands when we found them."

"Wait...Did you say XAVIER?"


"And you said he is alive...but unconscious right?"


"So what about the other unconscious person?"

"Didn't have a ID or name tag...the girl sitting with the guy had a necklace on tho...it had a Z.J. on it so...we know what to look for."

"Okay...Thanks," I said writing down the information and pulling out my cell. Calling Cassidy with the great news.

"HI...you've reached Cassidy...Sorry I didn't get to you but Shoot me a message And I will try to get back to you when I can...Bye."

"Uhh Hey Cassidy...It's Travis, just wanted to let you know we found Xavier...and He is Alive but unconscious....Call me when every you can...Uhh Bye..."

"Travis...This is James, he's looking for his Mother," A boy stood in front of me shaking with tears running down his face, as I wrapped the blanket around his very cold body.

"Did you say JAMES?"

"Yeah...James Hopkens."

"James...I can guarantee you your mother is fine, she should be on the way----"

"JAMES!!!" the mother yelled from across the parking lot.

"Mum Mum!!!"

"Well, I guess he found his MoM," I said to my partner.

"Yep...Hey I know you were in the middle of your big move and that you were off but this was a big Accident...No one saw it coming."

"I know...I know but its okay's how many more we got coming?"

"I'm guessing about 12 maybe 15, we have to call in more EMT's , because some of these people don't even live in North Virginia...Or Leighton for that matter."

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