4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{80.2}

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*before you start there are a few spell errors sorry!!! Okay Enjoy....... 


[Two Weeks Later] 

~*Sadie's POV*~ 

What could I say about California, BESIDES BEAUTIFUL all my friends were here, it's been over two weeks and I haven't talked to Cassidy, Xavier, Travis or Carson although I was wondering how Travis and Azalia were I knew they were okay in the arms of Cassidy. I hopped out of my very comfortable bed and walked slowly towards the showers but was stopped by the smell of breakfast and knew Jonas had made it, since that's what he had been doing for all of us since the day he's got here seeing that he wants to be a chef after college. 

"Hey Nicki, Jonas ... Good morning." 

"Hey, and what do you mean morning? It's almost 12 o'clock." 

"But, I thought I smelled breakfast." 

"No, I don't know what you smelled but Jonas did make lunch ... but for us, Drew and Missy left for their little picnic." 


"Yep, well ... were about to drive down to the Market were running low on groceries you want to come with?" 

"Sounds fun but no, I have something's to do today ... have fun and get something other than snacks, like oh I don't know meat, and vegetables maybe." I said wiping my eyes. Nicki kissed Jonas on the cheek, he smiled and grabbed his keys. 

"You ready Nic?" 

"Yeah... see you later Sadie." 

"Bye." I said walking towards the bathroom to finally take a shower, and just relax. But before I did that I decided to grow a backbone and Call Cassidy. 

"Finally you called, I was getting worried how are you doing?" 

"I'm fine, I've had a lot of fun here its beautiful and the weather is nice. How is Travis and Azalia, is he still sick?" I said as I washed my face. 

"Oh, Travis is doing great, still wild trying to talk more everyday him and Zali ... you know were in the new house now, Xavier is on the way to his Baseball Camp right now. That Dawson guy didn't press charges he let everything go, so I guess he does have a soul." 

"haha, I guess he does so what about the wedding?" 

"Still gonna happen, Xavier and I were told by the Pastor to go to counseling because of all the bull shit we've been through, so after his practice in two hours its off to two more hours of counseling yay ... not." She said sounding irritated and angry at the thought. 

"Awe, well you two kinda need it, well I just wanted to make sure you all are alright, do you have a date for the wedding?" 

"Well, Its in a week. Are you going to be able to make it?" 

"Of course I will Cass." 

"Good, well you have fun in Cali. And Call sometime I hated not hearing from you." 

"Okay, I will call more often, Oh have you seen Carson or Travis lately?"  

"Travis, once or twice but Carson nope haven't seen him." 

"Oh, well I was just wondering." 

"Yeah, sorry." 

"Its okay, well I'm gonna let you go. Talk to you later. Bye." 

"Bye Sadie." I grabbed my some changing cloths and walked into the shower, after my shower I put on my swim suit and grabbed Krissy's leach to take her for a walk, walking down the beach I felt alone not cause Drew had Missy, and Jonas had Nicki I may have had little krissy but I still felt sad because I hadn't talked to Carson in a long time, I walked over and sat on one of the chairs as Krissy ran wild around the beach house, I began to cry thinking about everything and my eyes got heavy until I drifted off into my nap.

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