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Jeremy's Journey (BWWM) ~Interracial~ by Bbria1213
Jeremy's Journey (BWWM) Bria Charnae
Sequel to Taylor's Journey WARNING: Contains cursing and sexual content.
  • memorylost
  • rich
  • kerrywashington
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F R A G M E N T S by tinyotaku_
F R A G M E N T Sby madoka
Memory lost.. That is what Dayne Arnia is having, right when she woke up. As she live her life in the present, she is starting to have fragments of her memories. Will sh...
  • fragments
  • inspired
  • amnesia
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Completing our incomplete journey(completed)  by angelshiva
Completing our incomplete journey( shivi miglani
Highest Ranking 95 in short story on 13 july 2017 This is a short story on memory lost track of Swara. All about how they meet again and fall in love and Swara's memory...
  • aashi
  • newjourney
  • memorylost
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A Woman Who Struggles ☆BBBW & BWWM☆ Story 1 by kiama771
A Woman Who Struggles ☆BBBW & √Addicted•To•Black√
------40 Word Analogy From HypnoCat------ "Sir... Please if you could spare some change..." I begged the man in suit. He stared ahead, unfaltering. He kept mov...
  • kindness
  • fear
  • struggle
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Remembrance. H.S_A.U by gurlll_almighteh
Remembrance. H.S_A.Uby Laiybah
"I'm your wife, Harry" She said to him, hoping.... "I-I don't really remember you" He said flatly. His expressionless face tore her heart into milli...
  • memorylost
  • baby
  • remebrance
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Who's The One by _iwritenovels_
Who's The Oneby Jayashini Priya Rajendren&Bun...
HIGHEST RANKS-#1-memorylost -#7-naughtiness -#10-guyfriends -#10-flirtationship...
  • romantic-suspense
  • romanticsuspense
  • billionaire
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I'm Abused By His Looks(BXB) by BluSky15
I'm Abused By His Looks(BXB)by RainbowHunter
We are not brave enough to face all the circumstances we had in our relationship, we need to do something to make our relationship strong. A hindrance in our relationsh...
  • lgbtfiction
  • yaoi
  • boytoboy
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Behind her Glasses (FOR HIS LOVE) by Ary7Mist
Behind her Glasses (FOR HIS LOVE)by Ariana Mist
5 years of his memory gone due to an accident. Has no wish to be committed to someone until he find the girl that he sees in his dream. Arranged to someone who h...
  • women
  • country
  • playboy
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citrus (agent intense love story) by ThelittlebestAuthor
citrus (agent intense love story)by ThelittlebestAuthor
This story start in chapter 36 when Mei leave yuzu. One day yuzu hit by a truck and she died After months there a new student with a blonde hair like yuzu but actually t...
  • yuzuxmei
  • memorylost
  • lucyheartfilia
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A Jerika Story- by Sparklyangel90
A Jerika Story-by Rose
What if after Jake's cheating prank Erica left thinking it was real.What promblems will arise, What did Erica think about the prank? Moreover what if someones ex comes...
  • memorylost
  • jakepaul
  • prankwars
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Tears of Angel,Fire of Devil by thecrystalassassin11
Tears of Angel,Fire of Devilby 潮田渚
Story between the forbidden love of angel and devil
  • war
  • forbiddenlove
  • theassassindivatrio
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Our Memories by hyperzuki1305
Our Memoriesby Earla Jean
Hi! guysss...This is my first story that I wrote. Guys just remind you this is just a fiction. My bestfriend sent a short story so I decided to make it a story here but...
  • highschool
  • school
  • trustissues
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Lost Memories (Editing)  by IrelandBCook
Lost Memories (Editing) by IrelandBCook
After a fatal car crash that kills both her parents, seventeen year old Emma has no memory of the crash or anything in her life; she has amnesia. With her amnesia, she...
  • bestfriends
  • fictionalcharacters
  • hospital
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A Cut-Out Romance by midxGod
A Cut-Out Romanceby midxGod
Who would you choose, the first love , the best-friend or the one who helps you in time of crisis? But then again who would you choose, a man who'll do anything for you...
  • memorylost
  • tiaom
  • schoolromance
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Partners forever(TaeLiceKook)(HIATUS) by Kimnchee
Partners forever(TaeLiceKook)( yeonbin's auntie
Taelicekook 4life "Who are you?" "Why do you look familliar?" Lisa and Taehyung were in a relationship. Were,you may ask? Well one day they were both...
  • taehyung
  • destiny
  • lovesquare
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Fake Reality by Eli826
Fake Realityby Melissa D.
|| 2018/07/17 || #2 in Virtualworld All they know, is to fake. Fake this whole world. Fake this reality. ❝Elle, you... Believe me, it's not easy for me,❞ He sighed as he...
  • powers
  • adventure
  • fictionalcharacters
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A girl moves to a new city and is not able to make new friends . Then her parents gift her small golden retriever puppy and how the puppy helps her to live her life easi...
  • love
  • memorylost
  • doglove
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A special tale  by lovedtodream
A special tale by Lovely_Alimatu
Hillo love!!! A Muslims lady struggle with her religion and life in general. She also happen to be deaf and her society don't think deaf people can make it. Well let's...
  • deaf
  • religion
  • muslimah
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After all this years, How did we met again? by genexxo
After all this years, How did we Jean
A story about a girl who got into an accident when she was 16 and end up forgetting all the memories for the past 16 years, and her memories with the guy who is she inlo...
  • memorylost
  • teenfiction
Broken And Scared-Spencer Reid's story by Alyssa_fangirl_CM
Broken And Scared-Spencer Reid's Alyssa_fangirl_CM
Spencer Reid is to distracted. He dosent feel anywhere comfortable. When he is to distractedand fail a case. Hotchner beats him and says something he do Sen mean. Reid r...
  • bau
  • aaronhotchner
  • killer
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