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Mistaken Identity (Old Version) ✔ by jollyreaderjennell
Mistaken Identity (Old Version) ✔by Jennell A. Brown
Kalliyah's twin sister, Alliyah decides to have an affair with an older man. The affair led to Alliyah getting pregnant. After couple months of taking care of the child...
Astrid Monteverde (Bitch Series #1) ✔️ by mis_shyghurl
Astrid Monteverde (Bitch Series M
GirlxGirl - COMPLETED Quietly transferring to a new school like a little Ms. Nobody is my only dream-to be able to study quietly and live my life at peace. But one day...
•Ⓢⓣⓞⓝⓔ• by The-one-and-lonely
•Ⓢⓣⓞⓝⓔ•by °Emely°
Nick has been thrown around back and forth between different foster homes for as long as he can remember and has no idea where he came from or anything about his family...
මතකෙන් සොයනා නුඹේ සෙනෙහස 📕🌟💞 [ Yizhan ff Completed ] by Isara_Erandi97
මතකෙන් සොයනා නුඹේ සෙනෙහස 📕🌟💞 [ Isara Erandi Ginige
පාලුව විඳිනා මගේ ජීවිතේ.... පාරා යනවා ඔබේ ආදරේ....❤ කොහෙහරි තැනකදී වැරදුනා මාහට.... අදටත් මා සිතින් සොයනවා ඒ තැන....💚 Begin: 2021 December 18 End: 2022 October 03
All Over Again ( Akaashi X Reader ) by KAYNUKY22
All Over Again ( Akaashi X Reader )by KAYNUKY22
Akaashi is the member of Fukurodani Volleyball team while Y/N is one of the managers. One day Y/N collapses at the gym when everyone is cleaning. She has been hiding her...
Story of a simple girl and a billionaire who lost his memory in car accident and then he falling in love with her. How they meet and falling for each other if you want t...
butterfly effect (BL) by luviereneee
butterfly effect (BL)by scara do the fandago
[you're not the protagonist nor the male lead] [you're not the villain too] [you're also not even the cannon fodder or side character] [----you're not even a character] ...
Mrs. Protective Obsession  | og by myliersss
Mrs. Protective Obsession | ogby EnAsha
Pertemuan semula setelah lapan tahun tidak berjumpa. Jejaka yang sering dikatakan beku seperti ais, tetapi terdapat satu wanita yang boleh mencairkan beliau. "Awak...
  ✵ ❦𝕲𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝕷𝖔𝖓𝖌 ❦ Gouenji Shuuya X Reader by IrisJohnes
✵ ❦𝕲𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝕷𝖔𝖓𝖌 ❦ Iris Johnes
Y/n L/n, Gouenji Shuuya's girlfriend went through an accident to save Yuuka. After Disappearing from everyone's live she came back years later in one of the most unexpe...
A Nigerian meet Morrocan, What happen when Two different world meet? Why don't you follow me and see
King Izuku: Awakened Powers by Christalle_m_
King Izuku: Awakened Powersby Christalle M.
Was humiliated and abused, being the son of the 1st ranked villain. Eyes that filled of joys before, now's lifeless and emptiness are apparent on them. "I feel empt...
hes falling in love again  by -SSKOO
hes falling in love again by -SSKOO
❝who are you?❞ ... ❝jimin. i'm park jimin. your um.. fiancé.❞ credit to the lovely @HYUNVODKA for the book cover idea :') check out her stories they're great !! on-going...
A Woman Who Struggles by kiama771
A Woman Who Strugglesby 🖤 Matte&Hint Of🔱
-40 Word Analogy From HypnoCat- "Sir... Please if you could spare some change..." I begged the man in a suit. He stared ahead, unfaltering. He kept moving. He...
AFTER 168 HOURS [BOOK 2,168 HOURS SERIES] by Madinah_Writes
AFTER 168 HOURS [BOOK 2,168 Amana-Deena
Under 168 Hours is a Nigerian, Islamic teen coming-of-age story to teach self-love and love for humanity. It revolves around Humaira; an incredibly broken teenager with...
Doctor Alif  ✅ by ModestLover
Doctor Alif ✅by .
There is a man name Farhan shah who is 27 years old. He Is powerful man, rich, rude etc. He was married to his life Safa his wife, everything was perfect in his life u...
My Arabian Prince by QudrahAdam
My Arabian Princeby QudrahAdam
Despite the visible hatred that Aaron and khair had for each other. Their parents chose to get them married, a marriage which came with a whole lot of hurdles and emotio...
It's Always Been You || Yulyen by smolbean_ren
It's Always Been You || Yulyenby champp
Yuri who doesn't know anything always receives such things and messages from an unknown number...and person.
Ghosts ✢ Stilinski | 5 by stilesbiles
Ghosts ✢ Stilinski | 5by Ella 🫶🏻
[season six A and season six B] season six A ❝Remember... remember I love you.❞ In which the pack ends up saving a boy who they can't even remember. season six B ❝W...
The Queen Of All ✔  by aesthetepatoot
The Queen Of All ✔ by potato
"Beware or swear to the queen of all" What will happen if you lost your memory and thought that you're in the right hand? BC: by Imaginatacia Date Started: Ju...
Citrus ( Agents Love Story) /HIATUS/ by ThelittlebestAuthor
Citrus ( Agents Love Story) / BittersweetLover
This story start in chapter 36 when Mei leave yuzu. One day yuzu hit by a truck and she died After months there a new student with a blonde hair like yuzu but actually t...