4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{33.}

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~*Xaviers POV*~

"Awweee Yeah,"I moaned As Melonie kissed my neck leaving hot spots where ever she kissed.

"How did you like the special Xavier?"She said suductivly as she put her tights and mini skirt back on her thin but curvy waist.

"It was good but something we should never talk of."

"Hey dont sound so nervous..I havent told anybody about the last time have I?"

"No but..."

"Well then thats that,but I still dont see how you got her pregnant I though what happen that I would be your girl,But I guess not."She said before leaveing the room,I sat in the room searching for my phone but realized David had it.

"X man,Richie said in a drunkin slurred tone,How was the special."

"Richie are you drunk?"

"Just a little maaannn Jussttt ah ah little but I..I think I can drive..haha I think?!?!"

"Dont worry I'll drive,wheres David?"

"Over there with that girl,I think there hitting it off man...,"he said falling to the grond.


"Hey,"the girl streaked as covered her breast as I bust in on the two moaning and grunting while haveing sex.

"Dude really,Cant you see im in the middle of something Literally in between something!!"

"Look wheres my phone?"

"Still in my pants pocket,get it the get the hell out!!"

"Well were about to leave,Davids to drunk to drive and Darius is no where to be found!!"

"Its okay,David baby,I'll give you a ride,"she said giggling and kissing him on his neck,I grabbed my phone and checked to see if I had missed any calls,the first one I saw was a missed call and text from cassidy.

"Hey,You've Reached Cassidy sorry I didnt catch you shoot me a text or just leave a message smooches...BEEP..."

"Hey Cass..its me Xavier,your probley tired um I just wanted to say that I missed you and that I'll be over later um so yeah bye,"And with that I hung up feeling gulty that I just had sex with another woman when all I could think about was Cassidy and my babies,I helped a very drunk Richie and helped him to his car,then drove him to my place,before calling Cassidy one more time.


~*Cassidys POV*~


"Huh whaa...MaMa?"

"Hey baby,"My mama said touching my cheek softly.

"I though you were...were..."

"Dead,Yes,but I dont want you to worry about that now,come with me,"She said floating away.

"Where are we going?"

"Have a seat Cassidy."

"Why did you have to go?What am I gonna do,I cant have a baby without you being here supporting me,"I said with tears in my eyes,there was a beautiful golden white light forming around my mother as we sat on a bench.

"I have all that taken care of,Cassidy the doctor told me two months ago I only had two months to live,I had suffered from a bad blood clot and cancer was forming around it."I started to bust into tears.

"But what am I gonna do without you mama?"Just as fast I got use to her being there even if it was a dream just as fast she started to fade away.


"Ahhhhhhhhhh,"I screamed before wakeing up to terrible stomach cramps.

"Shes awake,Cassidy..Cassidy Can you hear me?"

"Yeah,Wha what happen?"

"We dont know,you were on the phone then you fainted..are you okay,hows the babies?"

"IM fine but my mom..."

"Your MoM,she at home right?"

"She probley want Cassidy to come home,"Courtney joked while the Asia Agreed causeing them both to laugh.

"NO!!,she died..we have to get to the hospital."

"Hey Cass your phone is lighting up looks like you have a New Voicemail."

"I dont Care,I'll listen to it later."

"I'll go get the car...you guys wait here,"Courtney said running out of the store,.

"Mr.Anderson,What happen?"

"Well the altopsy results havent came in yet,How are you."

"She fainted,I guess after she got off the phone with you,"Courtney said cutting me off.

"Are you okay?"

"Im fine...When will the results be in?"

"About 24 hours,Cassidy your MoM didnt want me to tell you this because she wanted to tell you herself,She had..."

"A blood clot that was turning into cancer...right?"

"Your mother didnt have cancer but she did have a blood clot Cassidy what would make...."

"Dr.Anderson we need you in ER Dr.Anderson to ER,"the lady on the speaker said before he could finish his sentence.

"Im sorry I have to go but I will call you as soon as the Autopsy results come in you go home and get some rest,you look tired."

"Okay Whatever,"I said with my arms folded over my chest.

"Come on Cass,lets get you and Asia home."

"Okay let me call Xavier first."I called Xavier but got his answer machine,Before listening to the Voicemail which only made me start to cry again.

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