4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{35.}

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****Who thinks Melonie is a Bitch??I do lol but im really likeing this character but anyway thanks for the comment on the last up load...NOT!!! with the excption of meags1992 and StephAllison ur the best =) Anyway hope you all like this Chapter ENJOY.....***

~*Courtneys POV*~

"Okay uhh Melonie,Were at your house!!"

"Thanks so much,I had to get out of that school,with the sickness and all."

"No problem."

"Do you wanna come in?"

"Um sure I have to use the restroom anyway,"I said cutting off the car and walking up the brick walkway that led to her house.

"Okay so the Bathrooms right there,I'll be in here."She said nicely.

"Thanks."After useing the restroom and looking for Melonie who was outside on the phone Curiosity got the best of me causeing me to look around stopping at the first room I saw which was Melonie's.

"WoW she has alot of cloths,I guess Smellonie Melonie has came up....What in the hell,"I thought to myself as i took a closer look into her closet,there was a random collage of photos of Xavier and two ultrasound pictures that I assumed was hers because she said she was pregnant but was shocked at the fact that she had pictures of Xavier...what he the father of her baby?Did Xavier know she was pregnant?,My thoughts were inturupted when Melonie steped into the room.

"What in the hell are you doing in my room?"

"Better question why do you have pictures of Xavier...In your closet?"

"Thats non of your business,your nosey ass should have never been in my house or my room..."She said standing in front of me with hate in her eyes while pushing me towards the dor.

"Look Melonie I should have know you were a physco,when I first saw you...Xavier doesnt want you."

"Yes.He does and if you think leaveing here and telling the first person you see is good for you...you got another thing comming if you tell anybody like little miss Cassidy,I will kill you Ive already taken care of her and..."

"What do you mean you've taken care of here?"

"Look just know that I will be watching you okay...This conversation is over get out of my house..."She said opening the door and signaling for me to leave.

"I dont Care what you say,Im telling Cassidy!!"

"You do that and you wont see graduation next month."

"Melonie you lying..."Before I could finish my sentence Melonie had allready slammed the door in my face,I got into my car and drove back to the school,as I pulled up two Ambulances were leaving the school parking lot,I got out and found the first person i could to find out what happen.


~*Xaviers POV*~

"Okay Xavier and Richie,you two are free to go,But keep pressure off of your arms."

"Well there goes the Major Leagues,"Richie said with his head hung low.

"Hey man dont worry about that and Im sorry about your car,I'll do anything I can to help pay for it."

"X its cool,you have two kids on the way you dont need to pay me back for anything...Its cooll"

"Theres My MoM now."

"Hey,Guys how are you two feeling?"My mom said nicely with hurt and anger in her eyes and facial expression.

"Im fine Mrs. Newsome,...Mrs.Sexy Mrs.Newsome"Richie mumbled.

"Hey,that's my mom..."I fussed.

"Sorry dude but your mom is sexy.Hey Mrs.Newsome Im 18 you know."I slapped Richie across the head after that comment,he just laughed and looked out the window.

"Where do you live again Richie?"

"On Trenton and Foxtrace."After dropping Richie off at home,there was nothing but silence that I was determined to break.

"So..ehh emm MoM how are you doing?"

"Tired." She said plain and simple.

"Oh umm sooo..."

"Where were you last night Xavier?"

"Out at the pizza place with the guys,Cassidy and Courtney was there too."

"Uhh huh sure Xavier."She said shakeing her head as she pulled up the drive way.

"Im serious MoM!!"

"Okay Xavier Stop wineing at get out the car I have to go back to work."

"Okay..uhh see you later then?"

"Bye Xavier."And with that she pulled off,I walked into the house with a terrible head ache,I took a shower then laid down before calling Cassidy who didn't answer her phone again.After afew hours of sleep,I woke up to four missed calls from Heather and two from Snooze.

"Hey Heather whats up?"

"Were you at school today?"She asked screaming in a panic tone.

"Calm down..No I wasnt why?"

"Cassidy Fell down the Senior locker hall stairs!!"

"WHAT!!"I yelled in to the phone instantly putting some pants on and grabbing my keys.

"Yeah,she fell and this random chick found her unconscious the ambulance came to get her like six hours ago."

"What hospital?"

"Im not sure im guessing Leighton North."

"Okay thanks for telling me."

"Your welcome Xsquared."She said in a calm tone before hanging up,I through on the rest of my cloths and then ran to my car.On the way to the hospital I drove thinking about nothing but my babies at the stop light I search around for the ultrasound pictures I had on the dashbored,but figured I had missplaced them and shook it off untill I got to the hospital.

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