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Roots by xFakingaSmilex
Rootsby Staaff
While falling in love with a drug kingpin, Tikera must prove she can survive in his dangerous world - and convince him their relationship is worth fighting for. ...
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Two Gangs and a Golden Girl by HollyShmit
Two Gangs and a Golden Girlby Holly Shmit
"I didn't ask to be in the middle of your ego-battle," I grumble. Blake pins me to my locker, hands resting on either side of my head. "Well, you got it i...
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♡Another Chance ♡ #Wattys 2019 by Mamree
♡Another Chance ♡ #Wattys 2019by Mamree
Winner of Critic Choice Award 2019 #Standalone You don't need to be an Arshi fan to read the story...based on the character name but concept is totally different... S...
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Une Nuit Aucun Control by VogueLea
Une Nuit Aucun Controlby Vogue ♡ Léa
Dans un café, Tini rencontre un riche jeune homme avec un beau visage aux yeux marron. Quand Jorge s'en va, la jeune femme pense qu'elle ne le reverra jamais. Jusqu'à qu...
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What name should this love be given? by shivaniandsai
What name should this love be Shivs
The story based on Hindi serial "iss Pyaar ko Kya naam doon" Well I extended the story ahead and hope if the second part of the serial is made the story sh...
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Darkness ⚡️ Kid Flash x Reader by lydiaofthefallen
Darkness ⚡️ Kid Flash x Readerby ✨Lydia✨
Sequel to Shadows (Read that before this to understand). "Like a black rose, her darkness was beautifully fatal." ~ E. Corona ----- 4 years. 4 years a villain...
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The Star With No Past by rory256
The Star With No Pastby rory256
#7 General Fiction 05/08/2017 Angie Cooper woke up in hospital without any memory of her past or identity. She didn't had ID with herself and nobody was looking for he...
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Hex [h.s] [Editing] by triciajxo
Hex [h.s] [Editing]by tricia
"To break the curse is to kill the one who casted it upon you." Book #1 Trailer is made by: @BoundToLove Highest rank: #51 in Fanfiction
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IN THE NAME OF LOVE (completed) ✅ by loveforbooks333
" let's get married" he said making my eyes go wide. " Wwhhat ?" I shouted grabbing attention. " I want to marry you " he spoke seriously...
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The Day He Noticed  Her by the_arcane_writer
The Day He Noticed Herby niharika
For her, he is the light of her life. She never thought of leaving him. But unknowingly they got into a fight. He went out leaving her alone in the house. There was no m...
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Manan-one alluring smile [Slow Update] by anteshark
Manan-one alluring smile [Slow anteshark
#6 in fanfiction from 14-08-17 #7 in FANFICTION from 27-07-17 #13 in FANFICTION from 23-07-17 Ohk so this story based on one novel one alluring smile. And it's manan fan...
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How To Train Your Dragon: Scars by Little_Nightfury17
How To Train Your Dragon: Scarsby Little_NightFury17 (XxLittleL...
What if Hiccup had never shown Berk the truth about dragons? What if he was chased off instead of leaving on his own? Can he survive in the wild with Toothless? Or will...
Demon by drummergirlirwin
Demonby Jordan
"I was sent here with a mission," He spoke lowly, his voice sounding deep and husky. "And very specific orders." His hazel eyes seemed to darken in c...
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Tum Jo Nahi To Kuch Bhi Nahi✔️ by anandruchi
Tum Jo Nahi To Kuch Bhi Nahi✔️by anandruchi
He was sitting emotionlessly. then see toward her in anger. She also looked at him but she was confused to see anger in his dark eyes. Mantras started and time was pass...
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Abandonment 《Deidara X Reader》 by RosaSTARter
Abandonment 《Deidara X Reader》by Oliver
Deidara x Reader ---- "At that point I had experienced true Abandonment." ---- Dive into the story of a woman who yearns to find what the meaning behind life i...
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my boyfriend the killer ( jeff the killer story) by marshallxfionna
my boyfriend the killer ( jeff AttackOnAnime
Nora is a normal girl with a normal life but when her friend Becca starts dating slenderman she is introduced to the creepypastas but one in particular catches her atten...
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The Peace Offering by panamabubbles
The Peace Offeringby Panama
Sindria and Kou have come to an agreement. Sindria will give a the Kou Empire a bride for the eldest son as a peace offering. The bride is no other than Sinbad's little...
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Gods & Monsters; Unchained by lunamisia
Gods & Monsters; Unchainedby Luna Armani
Kelsey's young, naive and most importantly.. a virgin. feeling pressured to impress her experienced new boyfriend, she seeks out two experts for advice but things take a...
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Kidnapped By A Stranger by internalbliss21
Kidnapped By A Strangerby Tina Marie
Saylor is a normal human girl, who worries about normal human things like whose going to be prom queen, and should she really go to that party Saturday night? Little...
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boys don't cry. [h.s]  by styleskaia
boys don't cry. [h.s] by mari
Although she wouldn't like to admit it, Isabel Allen can be selfish, argumentative, and more than a little insecure. When she and the moody, tattooed and positively inf...
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