4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{1.}

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[A/N]: Before You Read I'm Still In The Process Of  Editing This Story And A Lot Of My Older Stories Like [The Sequel To This Story Insecuritys+Parent Hood, Chasing The Whatever, Brothers In Time, My Poems & Short Stories Just Anthing Older Than My Fan Fiction Stories Etc. Because I Wrote Them When I First Started Writing And Was New To Wattpad, Didnt Know Much About Grammar LOL But Yeah Feel Free To Correct What You Want Tell Me What You Hate Etc.

K. Enjoy...



~Week One~~Day One~

"Mom don’t worry, its just four weeks of summer camp" I said as she drove me up to the school.
"Okay, Okay Cassidy I trust you, do you need any money, you have your cloths, what about your pills you have those?"
"MOM,"I yelled searching in my purse for my ipod.
"What about pads, tampons...Do you wear tampons?"
"Mom you’re going to pass the school hurry the bus is going to leave in 15 minutes step on it."
"Cassidy calm down we gonna get there and put that popped away while I’m talking to you!"
"It’s an ipod mom, and I’m going to be okay.” can you help me with my stuff?"
"Sure honey."
My mom helped me with my bags, gave me a very embarrassing kiss, 25 bucks and then left. The bus ride took two hours. But when I got there it was as beautiful as last year.
"Sasha? Oh my god look at you it’s been so long" I said dropping my bags and running over to my favorite partner in crime.
"Yeah too long how have you been, I’m so happy you came back to be a counselor this year!"
"I know I had to it’s our last year to be a counselor I had to do it, every thing’s still the same right?"
"Yep, we get our same cabin and everything"
"Yep, Well when Do the Kids arrive?" I said picking up my bags and walking with Sasha into the cabin.
"Tomorrow, And I'll be right back I see Emma"
"Okay see you later" I said un packing my things.
"Hey, are you new here?"
"Um no, I ... Uhh No are you?" I Stoddard for no reason.
"Yeah I’m new and I’m Xavier, and you are?"
"Hey Cassidy, you will never guess who’s here this year come on!!" Said Sasha
"I’m just leaving talk to you later Xavier!" I said as Sasha pulled me out the cabin.
"Bye..." I faintly heard him say as I got pulled by my arm.

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