4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{37.}

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~*Cassidy POV*~

"Cassidy,OMG thanks for calling me I have so much to tell you but first how are you doing?"Courtney said lightly into the phone.

"Im fine And My babies are too thank god,So what do you have to tell me?"

"Do you remember a Melonie Verdez?"

"Yeahhh..."I said waiting for her reply.

"Well,she is a crazy stawker..What ever anger you have against Xavier you HAVE...and I mean HAVE to let it go,I took her home yesterday after you told her you were gonna stay at school after all then gave her my keys,and when I got to her house I use her restroom and I was being nosey and went into her clothset and you will NEVER guess what I saw!!!..."


"She has a physco,Steven Kings Misery type of girl She had a collage type of thingy IN.HER.CLOSET it was dedicated all to Xavier...Courtney pause..."

"What?Are you serious?"

"Yeah,and she thought I didnt notice but she has two ultrasound pictures that belong to you."

"What The Fuck,I...cant believe her,She throws me down the steps then lies about her and Xavier."

"She threw you down the steps,"Courtney said sounding shocked.

"Yeah,I know the rumor is I fell,she told me if I told anybody she would Kill me."

"She Told Me The Same thing."

"My MoM Died,her Funerals on sunday."


"She Died The day before yesterday,She had a blood clot,And Cancer was forming around it,"I said with tears running down my face.

"Im so sorry to hear that Cassidy."

"But Your Comeing to Asia and I Babyshower Friday..right?"

"What do you think?Yes im going...I planned it didnt I?"

"I know I know,Ughh I cant wait."

"Well I got to get ready for school,You comeing to school today?"She asked sounding Concerned.

"Yeah,For some reason I have alot of energy today,usually Im tired and hungry all the time."

"haha Okay...See you later."

"Okay Bye Court."I said wipeing my leftover tears away,Takeing a Shower and grabbing something to eat as I left the house.


"Wellcome Back Mrs.Ericson,"My Sociology teacher announced as I entered the room,I gave her a hal-smile then took my seat.

"Thanks Mr.Young...Did I miss alot?"

"Um not really,I'll tell you more after class."

"Okay I said sitting in my favorite class,"Untill Melonie walked into the room Late as usual,wearing a low cut t-shirt that showed the lineing of her boods.

"Ughh..."The site of her turned My Great Mood upside down.

"Sorry Im Late,Mr.Young..heres my note."

"Have A seat Ms.Verdez.Okay So the Debate topic today is...Ms.Ericson,If you dont feel offended...Teen Pregnancy Between the ages of 15 and 17...Ms.Ericson seeing that you are fully pregnant,you may decide if we are to proceed with this topic or not."All eyes were on me as I grinned a little then stared at Melonie,who was shocked to see Me alive and STILL Pregnant....

"Mr.Young...We May Proceed."

"You heard her,I Need two Debaters,Ms.Ericson you may do the honers...."

"Sweet,I have the power..Okay Verdez comma Melonie as the the one who disagrees and Brown comma Edward and the person who agrees."

"Edward,Melonie take your positions."Melonie walked pased me with Evil in her eyes stareing me up and down.

"Okay,First rule of Business,Melonie why do you dissagree?"Mr.Young said as if we were in The Peoples Court.

"Well I dissagree because of the statical rate of criminals born to teen parents.The fact that YOUR parents will be footing the bill for YOUR child. Children shouldn't be having children...must I go on or do you understand what I'm saying?"

"And Edward Because..."

"yeah so,I agree that teen pregnancy isn't cool but things happen and there is really nothing other people can do about it.Just the fact of people judging teenagers that are pregnant doesn't make that girl feel good and she would want to do something stupid either to herself or the baby.

These are horrible things but in this world, nothing really is well..I also believe That if you know you will have a stable home and a great future for the baby inside of you Its best you keep it.But If not dont kill it because there is allways other opitions and..."

""Hold that comment,Dr.Young said walking over to the phone.


"Yes She Is."

"Umm No..."

"Okay,I will."

"No,Thank You"

"Bye,Bye...Okay Cassidy,They need you in the senior Office."

"Did they say how long?"

"Um,No but Class is Almost Over so take your belonging with you."

"Okay,Debate On Class,"I said rolling my eyes at Melonie and walking off,as she huffed in anger.

"Come in Ms.Ericson."The Counslor said as I walked in to my surprise,I wasnt The Only one Called down to the Office.

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