4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{39.}

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"Okay Mommys to be..Welcome to Just For My Baby...look at the lovely belly in this room...."The instructor said with a giant smile.

"Thanks again for comeing Vanessa."

"No problem,But are you sure you didnt want Xavier to be here?"

"I do but,I forgot to tell him about it."I said laying on my back like the instructor said.

"Well Whats his number I'll give him a call and..."

"No,well yes...No dont call him."

"Cassidddyyy"She said with her head to the side.

"Okay,My cell is in my purse..Tell him to hurry were about to start baby comfortability."Vanessa Smiled and walked over to the Lockers,while I listened to the instrustor.

"Okay Ladies Breath in good and breath out,I want you all to close your eyes and think of a happy place."I closed my eyes and thought of the Heaven Me and My MoM met at on certain occasions,It felt so real.

"Cassidy Baby,Why are you here...Did you faint again?"

"No,Im thinking of my happy place."I said giving her a hug,and sitting down on the bench.

"Whats happening to your golden glow?"

"Its Fadeing away Cassidy."

"What do you mean..Its Fadeing away?"I said grabbing her hand.

"Cassidy,This isnt My Heaven...This Is the Before,I have to cross over sometime soon."

"NO...NO you cant go!!"I cried out to her.

"Yes,Cassidy And dont say you cant live without me...Because you can your a stong beautful woman."She said wipeing mine and her tears away as I laid My head on her lap.

"What about the house?"

"Cassidy,Thats nothing for you to worry about,We will Find a way even if Im not on earth to speak up."She said removeing my hair from my face.

"I have to wake up soon."

"I know,I hope your haveing fun in this baby class.You Friend is Really nice,She see the best in you because she understands what your going through."

"Yeah,Vanessa Really cool..."I said looking up at her.

"Dr.Anderson has been alot of help also,"she said smileing and looking away.

"MoM,did you and Dr.Anderson Have something going?"

"We Did thats why he will do anything for you!!"

"I knew it!!,"I said with a giant smile on my face looking my Mother in the eyes.

"Yes,he was a nice man...Cassidy...Cassidy.Its time for me to go...you have to wake up now."She said shakeing me awake.

"How did I fall asleep in a dream?"My mother laughed and smiled.

"I dont know honey but really I have to go,"I looked down and noticed I was nolonger laying on a bench.

"One last hug?"She said extending her arms to me.

"Of Course."I gave my moma hug that felt like it lasted forever as I cried on her sholder and vice versa.

"Im gonna Miss you MoM..."

"Im gonna miss you too baby."She cupped my face into her hands and looked me in the eyes.

"I love you Cassidy...Allways."And with that I was awoken to a bell ringing in my ear and a warm feeling all over my body with a smile on my face.


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