4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{61.}

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~*Xavier's POV*~

"Good practice guy's...hit the Showers...Newsome after you shower up you have a message in the Deans office."

"Okay...Thanks coach," I said running into the locker room. After my shower I hurried to the dean's office what the message was.

"Hi...I'm Xavier Newsome...you have a message for me?" I said to the lady at the front desk, she smiled nicely while smacking loosely on her gum and said...

"Newsome...Newsome oh here you are...here you go It say's call this number here." she said with a southern accent. Pointing at the number on the piece of paper.

"Okay thanks is ther----"

"The phones over there."

"Thanks...I walked briskly over to the phone and dialed the number...405-653-4952," I said reading the paper while dialing and waiting for the ring.

"Dr. Anderson!?"

"Hi, this is Xavier......Newsome!!"

"Oh Xavier...I called you to tell you that Cassidy just arrived at the Hospital a little over an hour ago...and she is in Labor...so you should head to the hospital."

"WHAT...is she okay?"

"Yes...just the contractions aren't that close together...Your MoM is already up here."

"Okay...I'm on my way...thanks Doc."

"Your welcome Xavier." I hung up the phone and ran towards the field to find my coach, who was training the other team.

"Coach...Coach...I have to leave...NOW Cassidy is in labor."

"Okay...well your ticket is on hold you can just go get packed and I will print out your ticket," the coach said in a panic. I ran towards my dorm room, running right into Richie and David.

"What's the rush X?"

"Cassidy...I took a deep breath...she's in labor..."

"What...oh well let us get out of your way..."

"Thanks," I ran into the room and grabbed my bag I had packed just in case this happen then left.


"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Midwest Express flight 210 operating to Leighton North Virginia. The captain has advised me that our flying time will be three hours and twenty minutes at an altitude of 35,000 feet.

Please refer to the safety information card as we demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft. For those passengers seated in the emergency exit rows, please note the special instructions located inside your safety information card.

If you have any items that do not fit in an overhead compartment, please let me know, and I will take them, and check them for wing side arrival in Leighton

At this time all electronic devices such as, but is not limited to: CD players, Calculators, laptop computers should now be turned off, and stowed., These devices have been proven to interfere with the aircrafts navigational systems." The flight attendant said nicely as she instructed the plane after we all took our seats.

"Umm is this seat A12?" I looked up from the window to see a lady standing there.

"Yes...well A12 and A13...is this your seat?"

"Yes...well A13 is...Can you help me put my bag in the bag holder thingy?"

"Sure," I said hopping up and grabbing her bag.

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