4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{58.}

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Yeah...so I skipped over the Funeral I realised it was a waist and I know yall are ready for the BABIES lol....Well ENJOY.....

~*Cassidy's POV*~

[Two weeks Later]

After a week of getting over how Nilo just found his way into the house, I decided to move in with Alexas and Sadie just until after the graduation, being back at the Apartment with Xavier didn't feel half bad I called Dr. Anderson who said he was surprised I didn't give birth on the stage at graduation seeing that It was my 1st due date...But now it was finally time for Xavier to leave on the trip and I was yet again ALONE. Besides the help of his mother.

"Cassidy...I'm almost done packing can you tell MoM to stop the honking tell her I'm on the way...damn it." Xavier yelled from the other room as Sadie and I stood at the door.

"Okay Xavier...Ughh I need to sit down, Sadie can you----"

"I'm on it you sit down for a sec I'll be right back."

"Okay thanks," I took a seat on the chair that sat by the door my breaths began to get closer together but there was no pain at all, I just got tired a lot walking from one place to another.

"Okay...I'm ready...Babe you okay?" he said dropping his bags.

"Yeah, can you help me up..." I said extending my arm for his assistance.

"Sure, are you sure you can ride to the airport?"

"Yeah, grab the rest of your bags and lock the door, I'll meet you in the car." I walked out the door and towards the car meeting Sadie half way as she held my hand all the way there as if I gonna fall over any minuet.

"Cassidy...where's Xavier honey?"

"He's on the way he just had to lock the door."

"There he is," Sadie said chimeing in and pointing out the window.

"Well Sadie don't just sit there get out of the car and help him." I laughed then looked at sadie's Facial expression go from happy to irritated to happy again.

"Thanks Sadie." Xavier smiled then jumped into the front seat.

"Okay so, like we rehearsed If Cassidy goes into labor tomorrow or the day after that either Cassidy, Sadie or I will call you and you will be on the first plane back right?" she said with all seriousness

"Yes MoM...I will I told my coach everything will be fine...I wont miss my babies birth for the world," Xavier turned around in his seat and blew me a kiss and smile softly as I gave him a umm humm and turned back towards the window.

"Okay...Xavier...this is it were at the airport, lets get your things up to the bag check in."

"You need help Cass?"

"Yep, thanks Sadie." we got out of the car and headed into the Airport while Xavier met up with a few other team mates.


"COURT!!!" I screamed over the airport intercom.

"Hey, I didn't know if you were coming or not..."

"Yeah...I know its 6:30 in the morning and I'm sososo tired but I couldn't let Xavier leave and stay at home by myself."

"Oh so you two moved back in together?"

"Yeah...and its been great we hav'nt talked about the Nilo incident or the dad wanting my MoMs house incident oh and did I tell you I have a step brother and two step sisters..." Courtney covered her mouth in shock.

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