The Stoner & The Blind Girl by MadeByTeenDreams
The Stoner & The Blind Girlby Ken
It's no secret that life is hard. But when you find someone who makes it all seem easy, don't let them go. Daniel and Emma's Story. Completed 8/22/18 *contains strong l...
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Never Alone by alluringlytragic
Never Aloneby annalisa
❝In which two people call up a helpline in order to find someone just as broken as they are. ❞ "Does...does it bother you that my dad's in prison for murder?" ...
  • elliot
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Instagram | ( L • T ) ✔ by Chrisssykay
Instagram | ( L • T ) ✔by Chrissy ♡
[COMPLETED ✔] Louis Likes Nina's instagram post. Just happens from there Drama Romance Fiction
  • dms
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  • iansomerhalder
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Ash - h.s. by NikeyStyles
Ash - ✧ brooke ✧
Unknown: heyyyyy cutie Me: Um.....hi? Unknown: im like really drunk pls send halp Me: Who is this? Unknown: Pikachu Me: And I'm Ash Copyright 2018: NikeyStyles
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Waifus(Real and not) by PyroSaiyan
Waifus(Real and not)by Pyro Saiyan
I have decided to make this. Come to talk about Waifus. I personally will not judge soooo feel free to talk without restrictions.
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Sophia Book No.1 by Sophiagamer122
Sophia Book No.1by Tofuu_Tha_Best
some random stuffs and words and artz or things
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      daydreamer,   misc. by -bellsblake
daydreamer, 𝐳𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐞.
play on my heart strings... book one misc rants & others BELLSBLAK...
  • aesthetic
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It's a Funny Story by Briredrose
It's a Funny Storyby Breezy
Need a laugh. You are now entering Funny World. Where you can laugh your heart out. Cover by: Mx_xox
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tête-à-tête by descents
tête-à-têteby s(lee)py
❝Ugh. What does it even mean?❞ ❝It's French, you dimwit. Hold on, let me check.❞ Pages flipped. ❝Aha, a private informal conversation between two people...that's what Ox...
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Youtuber Bios by BoysFromYourDreams
Youtuber Biosby BOYS
bios of male youtubers ⚘=single 💬=talking ❤=taken
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--->Mythical Roleplay<--- (By: ShatterdCloud) <--Me! by ShatterdCloud
Kings by nojaunever
Kingsby Bright Ideas
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Chatty Cathy by cwroteit
Chatty Cathyby Claire Donohoe
An ongoing book of conversations.
  • dialogue
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An Animatronic's Guide to Annoying Your Friends and Making the Readers Laugh by ArielErin2
An Animatronic's Guide to Ariel & Erin
This is just a simple book with every Five Nights at Freddy's animatronic you can think of, also including me, my sister, Mike, Purple Guy, aka, William Afton, and other...
  • randompeople
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  • fnaf
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Ranting (inspired by SixLTwilight)  by The_Wannabe_Director
Ranting (inspired by SixLTwilight) by Fern
Go follow SixLTwilight. She inspired me to write the story. Even though half of my fans don't care about my rants. But I still enjoy writing it so I'm just like somewhat...
  • conversation
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Talking About Games! by EazyEx
Talking About Games!by EazyEx
This book is where I'm going to talk/complain/rant about games that I have an interest in! This is where I can just get thoughts out! Highest Rank 811 in #Thoughts and 1...
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neko roleplay smut allowed by SilverLapin
neko roleplay smut allowedby SilverLapin
big thanks to karmaLover for drawing the cover for me and helping me learn about wattpad
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Randomness with rants                     by GlassWolf102
Randomness with Angsty anxiety
Me just talking updates and whatever else enjoy :) (It's really just me and my friends talking if I'm going to be honest)
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Babygirl// updates  by hoely_babygirl
Babygirl// updates by 💗lil bae💗
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