4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{66.}

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*~Travis's POV~*

"Are you sure you should be going out to dinner with this girl and her little sister...oh did I mention she has two kid's Travis the girl's boyfriend is in a fuckingcoma," Carson, my brother complained.

"Look, Car I'm not asking her to marry me, I just asked her to dinner...She needs to get out of the house...well apartment!!!" I said trying to sound believible.

"Umm Hummm, so Can I go?"


"SO you are trying to get closer to this girl?" my face began to get red, with anger.

"How many times do I have to say this NO!!! Carson why are you here?"

"Hey, I'm just being a good house warmer...And I need a place to crash for about a week or two."

"I knew it...you always need something...I just moved in here Carson I don't need you crowding my space."

"Crowding your space?!?!" he said with a grin.

"Yeah...Just because it's a two bedroom doesn't mean you have to come and live with me the day I move in Carson!!" I yelled, while putting on my nice dress shirt.

"Oh come on...Travis...Please, I'll put up for the rent." he said with pleading eyes.

"Fine!!" I said giving into, my older brother.

"YES...I'll be right back." he said running towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I yelled down the hallway, You have bags...already?"

"Yeah...which room is mine?"

"The one on the right." I pointed down the hall.

"You just gonna stand there or help me with my bags?" he said sarcasticly.

"I'm just gonna stand here...its my house. Oh and I have house rules..."

"RULES...What in the---"

"Rules...now get unpacked and find yourself something to eat."

"I thought I was going out to dinner with---"

"Nope..." I walked back into the restroom and began to comb my hair, Until the doorbell rang.

"It's her...Carson stay in your room." I dictated, to him as he put on his plaid pajamas and wife beater(A/N- aka Tank Top).

"Stay. In. My. Room...who are you...dad?...I'm going to get something to eat." he brushed pass me, as the doorbell rang again.

"Hey...Cassidy...Sadie!!! Come in."

"I see you got all your funiture into the apartment okay!!" She said walking in slowly.

"Yeah...the moving men really helped..."

"Hey, Travis...where do you keep the mayo?" Carson yelled from the kitchen.

"Ughhh...I sighed...In the cabnit!!!" I yelled.

"What kind of ignorant person puts the mayo...IN THE CABNIT!!!" Sadie laughed.

"Just make your sandwich...and go!!!"

"Are we disturbing something Travis?" Cassidy said rocking the car seat back and forth.

"No...No, that's just my brother...Carson he's going to be staying with me for a while." I said getting up and walking into the kitchen.

"I found the mayo...Just so you know," he whispered, with a smile on his face.

"You think you can be a little more annoying...I have company you know!!" I said between my teeth.

"If I was invited on the little dinner, maybe I wouldn't be asking for mayo...I DON'T EVEN EAT MAYO!!!" he yelled, while trying not to laugh.

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