4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{7.}

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~*Week Four *~ 

~*Xavier’s POV*~


"There you are Xavier." Mrs. Carson said patting my back softly. 

"Here I am...you need any help?" 

"Yep, you can help Sasha and Carlos at the smore and some more table!" She said in a preppy tone. I laughed a little and began to walk that way. 

"That I can do." I said as a feeling happness came over me and I was finding it hard to stop smiling. 

"Thanks... Oh and Xavier, Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! Remember What we always say!" 

"A clean hand is a happy hand." I said in the form of a question. Mrs. Carson smiled and patted my back once again and walked off. Carlos walked up to me and gave me a man-shake.

"There you are man!!" 

"Hey what’s up Carlos?" 

"Nothing much but these smores … Here you go Casey." He said passing a smore to one of the kids in line. 

“Thanks Carlos.”

“No Problem.”

"So what do I have to do?" 

"Uh just make the smores we need about ten more then were done!!" 

"Allright, sounds good." I said walking over to the smore table As Carlos went to help the other children. 

"So where have you been all night?" 

"Why do you want know?" I said as Sasha helped make the smores.

"Because, I was worried!" 

"Will you just make the smores and stop bothering me?!" 

"Okay fine, but we need to talk about that kiss earlier." 

"What kiss…I don’t even know what your talking about." I said not even making eye contact. 

"Oh!, Sasha said with her mouth open excuse you let’s not forget how you touched me when we kissed X-a-v-er." 

"I was thinking of Cassidy when that kiss happen not you...I Love Cassidy so can you just back off!!." I said sounding angry but still whispering. After 30minuets of making smores for the rest of the kids. I decided to take Cassidy a smore, But was stopped again by Sasha. 

"Look im sorry for coming in between you and Cass I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess I got a little Jealous...And I was wondering if you wanted to dance?" 

"Uhh Sasha..I dont think..." 

"Promise I won’t try anything...just one dance." She said smiling. 

"Just one dance." 

Okay, it’s time for the counclor’s to dance so grab a partner and get on the dance floor. The D-Jay said screaming into the microphone. 

"Ready to dance?" 

"Yeah, whatever!" I said sitting the plate in a safe and walking slowly to the dance floor. 

"Come on Xavier before the song ends!!" I lightly put my hands around Sasha's waist, and we dance slowly to the song,until the beat spead up and everyone started to dance faster, Sasha start to do a silly dance which made us both laugh...after the song was over the crowd started to clap, hoot, and holler at how we danced. 

"That was actually fun Sasha!!" I said smiling and giving her a hug. 

"Yeah, that was fun, Thanks." 

"Your welcome but I have to get this smore to Cassidy so..." 

"Oh Yeah, well see yah." 

"See yah." I walked in to the cabin to see Cassidy sleep, looking like and angel, my angel. 

"Hey your back." She said half-asleep. 

"Yeah I just came to bring you a smore and something to drink if your hungry." 

"Oh okay. Thank you babe." 

"Your welcome, I love you and I’ll See you in the morning okay." 

"Okay." She said with a slurred speech. By the time I gave her a kiss an sat her food down she was already sleep, So I looked arouund for my missing boxers but had no luck and decided to leave and get some rest for my self before it was time to leave. That gave me time to figure out how I would ever see Cassidy again, maybe this summer camp thing was a once in a lifetime thing. But I really hope not I am too far In Love.

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