the stepbrother // luke hemmings (discontinued) by aestheticannie
the stepbrother // luke hemmings (...by new story upload coming soon
When 16 year old, Anastasia 'Annie' Evans, finds out that her mother's newly-engaged relationship comes with having a stepbrother, she starts to develop a certain attach...
  • brother
  • hemmings
  • romance
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From the Ashes by Ruechari
From the Ashesby Ruechari
Juliana could not believe Lady Catherine assigned her to be Richard's chambermaid. She obviously enjoyed doing so because Juliana could hear the wretched woman's cackle...
  • adventure
  • writing-contest
  • love
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Blood Lust TVD/Twilight Crossover by AngelOfDeath1920
Blood Lust TVD/Twilight Crossoverby Angel Of Death
I hide in the shadows and long for the light For I am a vampire Forever imprisoned by night. The moon is my sun the night is my day Blood is my life and you are my prey...
  • mate
  • crossover
  • fanfiction
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Stockholm Syndrome - H.S by Iddea99
Stockholm Syndrome - H.Sby Sofie Brand
She wanted to go home more than anything, she was desperate, she never liked parties. Never wanted to look like a loner, even though she was. Caitlyn Winter eventually b...
  • kidnapping
  • writing-contest
  • sad
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Blue Roses. by ilovereadingstoriess
Blue Roses.by ShamaKhuvahish.
Ranked #02 in spiritual. 18/09/16. Alhamdulillah "Please don't." I said taking few steps back and he clenched his jaw. "Why not?" He was literally co...
  • islam
  • drama
  • muslims
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If I Let You Know... [N.H.] by hotel-californiall
If I Let You Know... [N.H.]by GiJi.
If I told you this story begins with a contract to be one of the members of One Direction's girlfriend, you probably wouldn't even press the 'Read' button. I wouldn't do...
  • horanfanfiction
  • niallhoran
  • 1dfanfiction
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Can You Mend My Heart.  by ilovereadingstoriess
Can You Mend My Heart. by ShamaKhuvahish.
~Its not a Fan fiction. Its my fiction story. And not a fan fiction. ---------------- "I am sorry." He said and left the room. Sound of the door closing echoed...
  • love
  • drama
  • forceful
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 My Black Beauty  by Georgia_135
My Black Beauty by Georgia_135
Michelle is going to university where she will be away from family, old friends and her home town. She isn't worried about that though because she knows this is her only...
  • interesting
  • 2018wattsaward
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The Untouched Bride (Wattpad Version- Unedited) (Published) by XxSaachxX
The Untouched Bride (Wattpad Versi...by XxSaachxX
PUBLISHED- Summary-- Lady Eliza Rosawell is forced to marry Sir Daniel Thorton, The King's most trusted Knight. She doesn't wish to marry him as it was her father's last...
  • marriage
  • betrayal
  • saachijainjaiswal
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These Oceans between You and Me by Poptartisdelicious
These Oceans between You and Meby Kyra Cross
A story between two boys in love and their struggle to find each other through life. Inspired by the Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy, by Troye Sivan - and Oceans, by SeaFret.
  • lgbt
  • writing-contest
  • kyracross
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The Blossoming Story Awards 2019 (OPEN) by TheBSAwards
The Blossoming Story Awards 2019 (...by The Blossoming Story Awards
STATUS - OPEN FOR PARTICIPANTS AND JUDGES! Hey everyone! Welcome to the first season of The Blossoming Story Awards! Do you want your work to be recognised? Does no one...
  • contests
  • talent
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Misfits by bluebird0904
Misfitsby bea
"Hello?" "Is your house on fire?" "No...?" "Man, I thought it was because you're so dang hot." "I think you need to work on...
  • fun
  • humor
  • prankcalls
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Married By Chance... #Wattys2016  by ilovereadingstoriess
Married By Chance... #Wattys2016 by ShamaKhuvahish.
Reposted : 15-05-2017 ----- "I need you." He said and I gulped before turning around and looking at him. "It's time you stop being selfish, for once."...
  • hatred
  • spiritual
  • wattys2016
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Unspoken Words by wondericles
Unspoken Wordsby sam
random poems about random things from a random girl. x
  • life
  • social
  • poetry
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CyberDanger: Stories for #makeITsafePH #WritingContest by EriDanaery
CyberDanger: Stories for #makeITsa...by EriDanaery
Short stories about the dangers on the web for the #WritingContest of Globe's #makeITsafePH. Do read and drop your thoughts and have a happy reading😘😘😘 Cover image ta...
  • makeitsafeph
  • writingcontest
Behind the Eight Ball by Ruechari
Behind the Eight Ballby Ruechari
Class Valedictorian, Star Center on the Basket Team, good grades, good kid pretty much sums up Finn Nash a Senior at Lenape Charter High. Having his whole life planned o...
  • featured
  • youngadult
  • school
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Poems of the Atmos by Naan2015
Poems of the Atmosby Naan2015
Random thoughts from different moments on various things for infinite reasons. Rankings so far: -21st October, 2018: 2/17 stories in #endbullying -20th November, 2018: 1...
  • verse
  • dreams
  • wattpadforpoetry
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Take One by collegeharry
Take Oneby j
It all started with a meet & greet and a birthday song. Oh, and a rocket ship, too. Just another cliché story about a fangirl meeting the love of her life...or is it?? ☼...
  • harry
  • styles
  • wattys2017
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Surely Drowning • The Flash Fanfiction (Book One) by emmajaney
Surely Drowning • The Flash Fanfic...by emmaleigh rose?
When Hayley Evans goes night surfing in Myrtle Beach the night the particle accelerator exploded, she didn't expect to become a murderous meta-human. And she certainly d...
  • speedster
  • theflash
  • fanfic-barry
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We're all Batshit - How to write in 180 Days by CriminalGhost
We're all Batshit - How to write i...by ReadyToDie
Ready to write your epic fanfiction? Feeling trapped and stuck in the life you hate, but have an idea to rite about the life you want? Have a plot but don't know where t...
  • writingprompts
  • writingchallenge
  • author
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