4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{27.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~ 


"Hi, Cassidy? Cassidy Ericson?" 

"Yes.."I said half asleep. 

"This is Doctor Dave Rush, I'm calling on behalf of your mother Candace Ericson." 

"Okay.. Uh, is she all right?" 

"Cassidy.. Your mother went into a coma at 2 o’clock this morning." I looked at the clock it was 4:49. 

"It’s 4:49 why didn’t you all call me earlier?" I yelled into the phone. 

"Sorry Ms. Ericson, We we’re trying to revive her." 

"For two hours ... And is there anything you all can do to wake her up?" 

"We can try but when someone is in a coma they usually have to wake up on their own." 

"What in the hell do you mean wake up on her own... How long will that take?" 

"Days, weeks, months maybe even years ... I'm sorry but we've tried everything were moving her to the ICU in the morning, you can visit her then. I'm sorry Ms. Ericson ... I'm sorry." 

"Yeah.. You are sorry Doc ... You idiot you don't know what you’re talking about ... My mom is going to wake up... You hear me ... she going to wake up," And with that I hung up the phone with hot tears running down my face. 


"Cassidy..Why are you calling so late?" 

"My mom..She in a coma!!" 


"Yeah...the doctor just called that said she went into a coma at 2 its fucking 5 in the morning and they want to call me with that bullshit ... Then he had the nerve to say she might be in a coma for months or weeks...what kind of shit is that?!?1"I questioned Xavier like he had the answers. 

"Baby calm down..The doctors will find a way, don't stress out." 

"Xavier you don't understand..I can't live without my mom ... I will have no one without her." 

"You will have me!!" 

"But you’re not my mom Xavier..Your just not... So don’t try to comfort me like you are!!" I said yelling into the phone and hanging up in his face. 




~*Xavier’s POV*~ 

"Cassidy...Cassidy! Shit." I hopped out of the bed grabbed some cloths and headed out the door, 30 minutes later I was knocking on Cassidy’s door. 

"Xavier." She said hugging me and crying. 

"Come on ... Let’s go in the house." I slammed the door and led her to the couch. 

"Sorry for what I said I just don’t want to lose her. You just don’t understand, Me and my mom we've been through so much together." 

"I understand..It was the same way with me and my dad..When he died I felt like the world stopped I was so close to him..Like a brother and a father." 

"Awe, that’s the first time you ever really just talked about your father like that..." She said with her head in my lap looking up at me. I rubbed her stomach and smiled. 

"Yeah..I just don’t talk about him that much." 

"How did he die?" 

"Ehh emm Uhh well he had cancer, that spread all over his body by the time he turned 43 ... He found out when he was 40, the ... I cleared my throat ... The doctors told him he had one year to live but lived for 3." I said with tears in my eyes. 

"Ohh baby..I’m sorry to hear that!!" 

"No...It’s okay its okay, I'm dealing with it." 

"When did he die?" 

"About two years ago my mom told me going to a summer camp with the fresh air and kids would take away from all the pain over losing my dad I didn’t want to go the past two years so this year I just decided to go."I said shrugging my shoulders. And laying my head back. 

"Baby... You're the best..You're gonna be a great father." 

"That’s what I plan on doing Cassidy!!" We laid there on the couch until the morning arose, not even thinking about going to school that morning. Only thinking about the future and what it holds for us.

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