4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{3.}

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~Xavier’s POV~ 

We've been here almost three and a half weeks and tonight were the Campfire Dance and I was determined to dance with Cassidy, but her friend Sasha and the six kids were the only thing stopping me.

"Hey, Xavier is you going to the dance to night?" Cassidy said interrupting my thoughts. 

"Yeah" I said as a matter of fatly. 

"Oh why did I ask that of course you are … Cassidy sighed … I can be so slow some times." 

"Well its okay, you’re cute when you’re slow." I said felling stupid forming saying that by the look on her face. 

"Ha ha very funny. So umm, me and a couple of the kids are gonna head down to the lake … So I’ll see you later at the dance." 

"Yeah see yah." Cassidy gave me a smile and turned as the kids followed behind.


~*Later that Night*~

"Hey Sasha." 

"Hey Xavier what’s up, man?" 

"Nothing much, umm wheres ..." 

"Cassidy?" She said cutting me off. 

"Yeah, do you know where she is?" 

"She’s ... around here somewhere." Sasha said looking around. 

"Oh okay well can you tell her I was looking for her?" I began to walk off but Sasha stopped me. 

"Uh hey Xavier, Actually I was looking for her too, you want to go with me? I’m sure if we look together we’ll find her faster." 

"Sure, yeah" I said a little unsure. 

"Yeah let’s go this way ... I know she said later she was going in the woods to find pine cones and leaves to decorate with the kids." 

"Oh okay." 

"Hey is that her over ... ouch ... ohm ouch." Sasha said as she fell to the ground. My eyes widened. 

"Sasha, Sasha is you okay?" 

"Oh my ankle … I think I sprang it." She said as she grabbed her ankle in pain. 

"I'll go get somebody waits here." 

"NO, please don’t leave me Xavier please." She said with tears whaling up in her eyes, I turned and sat next to her … Thanks I’m sure it’s a sprang the pain will probably go away in a few!" Sasha wiped her tears and began to massage her ankle. 

"If you say so Sasha, here take my coat." 

"You are so nice, what would I do without you?!" She took my coat and covered her ankle. We stared into each other’s eyes heir’s the same color as Cassidy’s. Your eyes are ... Before I could finish my sentence we kissed... 

"What the hell is going on here?" 

"Cassidy I ... We…!" I stood up looking confused and lost as I tried to explain myself. How was I going to get myself out of this one? And even worse how was going to explain myself to Cassidy, this was only going to get worse.

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