4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{60.}

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*~Xavier's POV~*

"So about you purposing to Cassidy...do you think it was the right time to ask her," my MoM ask with all seriousness.

"I felt like it was...And the look on Cassidy's Face said it was."

"Umm humm well, If you think Marriage is the right choice then you have my blessing...so how is Camp? Are you meeting new people?"

"Umm yeah its nice the scouts are really taking notice to me," I said sounding excited.

"That's wonderful Xavier...Oh I'm so happy your having a great time."

"So is Cassidy already gone to her dad's house?"

"Yeah, she should be getting all the things now but you never know she might actually like her new siblings."

"Yeah...They might like her too seeing that there gonna be aunts and a uncle but I really hop she finds a relationship with her dad."

"Yeah I'm praying he isn't just trying to get her money...I understand the house but that would be just Evil." she said as if she were gossiping.

"Yeah...but let me talk to Sadie."

"Okay...SADIE," she yell halfway into the phone.

"here she is......Hello?"

"Hey Sadie...is Xavier!!"

"XAVIER...hey what took you so long to call?"

"well we've been praticing a lot...how are you?"

"I'm good...you know Cassidy's birthday is in a few days...are you gonna be able to come back?"

"Ohh yeah...Ughh I forgot...I don't think I will be able to but we will see," I said sounding discouraged.

"Well you'd better try hard...Oh and guess what?"


"You remember Drew?"

"How could I forget..." I said a little angry just thinking about what I saw a few weeks ago.

"Well...she paused...he's coming over for dinner----"

"WHAT?!?! Why am I never home to see this guy other than that one time!!" I yelled.

"Well, his parents are going tobe there too so....calm down."

"What is he coming over for besides dinner?" I said thinking I just asked a stupid question.

"Sex of course----I took a deep breath my anger about to explode----Just kidding just for dinner that's it."

"Sadie, don't play with me like that."

"Ughh okay."

"Well, I have to go practice is about to start...Okay?!"

"Okay...Later Xavier."

"Bye," And with that I hung up, grabbing my gym bag and water bottle and headed for the field.

~*Cassidy's POV*~

"Okay Cassidy...wake up were here...at your old house."

"What...NO...its too early," I said as I woke up with a quickness.

"Well, believe it...I just parked two houses down to make sure you still wanted to go."

"Okay...drive up...we get in get the stuff say hello and leave okay."

"Okay Cass what ever you say," Courtney said shaking her head and smiling.

"Okay...you can pull up now." We pull up to what use to be the home my mother and I shared, everything looked the same the bricks the mail box even the butterfly figurine that sat in the flower pot by the steps.

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