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diary of a kinda depressed bitchy teen by alivinglol
diary of a kinda depressed emma
you are not alone <3
  • mẹ
  • story
  • diary
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I Need You Too (Tony Stark x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
I Need You Too (Tony Stark x _holy-water-needed_
What happens when Tony cheats on his wife and she ends up raising the kid for 2 years drama free until she meets him again? "Y/n let me explain." He said to me...
  • life
  • wtf
  • love
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rants  || tronnor dms discontinued by leolvst
rants || tronnor dms discontinuedby 𝚝𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚘𝚛
baby chill, worryin your pretty face fo what? melancholiaa™
  • dms
  • sivan
  • kik
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Møder jeg dem? ft. Marcus og Martinus by SaraMlvig
Møder jeg dem? ft. Marcus og Sara
(Afsluttet) Jeg støtter mit hoved op af væggen og placerer mine hænder ved dets side. det er dejligt med noget støtte fra en der rent faktisk ikke kan stikke mig i ryg...
  • alene
  • love
  • elsket
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Southpark Yaoi Pictures -Warning- Very Smut by Sweet__And__Salty
Southpark Yaoi Pictures One Weird Kid
-Warning- Don't read if you are not prepared to get 100000 nosebleeds
  • gayshit
  • southpark
  • southparksmut
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Persona 5 Zodiacs by writersempai
Persona 5 Zodiacsby - ̗̀ ||𝐁͟ ͟𝐀͟ ͟𝐃͟!͟
Me is back with another book, and this time I'm trying a zodiac book. If you have requests, I'd be glad to hear them. #91 in Spiritual #1 in Kurusu Text Copyright© Write...
  • persona5
  • akira
  • mishima
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✴️ Zodiac Signs ✴️ by KimKristalyn
✴️ Zodiac Signs ✴️by 💕 ѕнιиєє 💕
  • capricorn
  • what
  • taurus
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Interesting Facts by starbucks_lover2470
Interesting Factsby starbucks_lover2470
This book is about very interesting and weird facts that will surprise you. WARNING some of these facts may scar you for life so be prepared. Jk. Please read, it would m...
  • helpful
  • facts
  • fun
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thoughts about the signs by kristinadragneel
thoughts about the signsby kristinadragneel
what i think about your zodiac sign strange storys and yea
  • scorpio
  • random
  • ọk
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Crack on Crack by Creepy-anime
Crack on Crackby Kyon Endel
Exactly what it sounds like. Drabbles, oneshots, songs, ships, and anything that makes me die of laughter or I just like. Also feel free to use this book as a Q&A for al...
  • drabble
  • oneshotcollection
  • undertale
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*insert the long ass title Here* by pan-panda_india
*insert the long ass title Here*by Ananya
literally about me and my shitty life.
  • life
  • tf
  • boring
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help~shyland (Completed) (Editing) by ParkLemongrab
help~shyland (Completed) (Editing)by Park Lemonie
can shane help ryland (Started July 11 2017) (Ended Oct 27 2017)
  • shyland
  • shynees
  • wtf
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104 WTF Facts by inversely
104 WTF Factsby sel
fact: (noun) a thing that is indisputably the case Everyday in our lives we learn something new. Just some things are just outrageously interesting, weird, and awesome...
  • interesting
  • weird
  • wtf
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Neighbor likes to play by _bentles_
Neighbor likes to playby Mija Bentley
Mia and her parents just recently moved into their new home, a three bedroom house and a small backyard. Their Neighbor Xavier is a sight to see, tall and tan and has mu...
  • sexualharassment
  • smutwarning
  • horror
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Yuno Gasai x female reader by Yunoyuri101
Yuno Gasai x female readerby Yunoyuri101
Y/N lived in England for a short time and decided to move to Japan where her childhood best friend lived, but what will happen when both girls grow feelings for each oth...
  • update
  • news
  • animexreader
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GOT7 Memes😁 (COMPLETE) by Joons_unshaken_hand
GOT7 Memes😁 (COMPLETE)by Joons_unshaken_hand
Memes for GOT7 trash😁✌
  • jackson
  • funny
  • humor
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Dolan Imagines☆ by RKdolan
Dolan Imagines☆by RKdolan
really long imagines about twins.
  • sad
  • youtube
  • youtubers
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EXO Memes😁 (COMPLETE) by Joons_unshaken_hand
EXO Memes😁 (COMPLETE)by Joons_unshaken_hand
Memes for all Exo-Ls to enjoy✌
  • humor
  • memes
  • kris
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Some Random Memes by TheOfficialPeppaPig
Some Random Memesby Peppa Pig Boi
I don't even know, man. All I know is that there's some cursing 🙃 (If I repeat some by accident, which I'll try not to, let me know)
  • book
  • wtf
  • imconfused
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Random kpop shit I'll regret by bowtoyourqueenhoes
Random kpop shit I'll regretby WAENG?
I already regret this.
  • idkanymore
  • hoes
  • gfriend
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