4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{38.}

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~*Xaviers POV*~

"What is She doing here?"I saidpointing towards Cassidy.

"What is He doing here,I thought you called me down?!?"her face went from a beautidul glow to a firey red.

"Cassidy Have a seat,Xavier be quiet,"She Protested as Cassidy walked over to the chair,skooting it over a few inches like an episode of The Maury Show.

"Okay you two may know Next Month is Graduation Month...May 8th and Cassidy,you 8 months pregnant right?"

"Yes..But what does that..."

"And we dont want to take any chances of you falling down the steps,like a few days ago...and we dont want to take the chance for your water breaking in class of while walking down the hallways."

"So what are you trying to say?"I said saying what Cassidy was Thinking.

"Im trying to say were going to put you on HomeBound..in other words,we will get someone to come to your house and bring you work and teach you the lesson."

"Like Home School?"Cassidy,Said aggressively.

"Okay so if this is about Cassidy why am I here?"

"Because Your the father,And This baby desisions in life Has to be decided by The Mother and The Father."The Counslor said with deep concern.

"So will Cassidy beable to go to graduation?"

"If she has the baby..."

"But what if she doesnt...Will she beable to go Or Not?"I said basicly yelling at the counslor.

"If she feels she is Stable enough to go she may Im not stopping her from graduation..Im merly suggesting..."

"Well your Suggestions are bullshit suggestions."Cassisy Yelled.

"Cassidy Calm down,"I said grabbing her hand which caused her to jump alittle.

"I..Will go to this HomeBound thing but weather im Okay or 2 minuets apart in contractions Im walking across that stage."

"Well,I see this Confrence Isnt going anywhere,I will Have to contact your Parents..."

"Oh so you know the number to Heaven?..."She asked as the Counslor,looked at her with wide eyes.

"Excuse you Ms.Ericson?"

"I said DO.YOU.KNOW THE.NUMBER TO HEAVEN...Cause that the only way you will reach my mother."

"Are you saying..."

"Yes My Mother died.."

"You Can contact my mom but she will probly say the same thing..."

"Okay I will,"the fragile counslor said in a slurry studdery tone as if this was a stick up and we were bonny and clide.

"Okay so is the 'Confrence' over now?"

"Yes it is...you two are dissmissed."Cassidy and I walked out the Office in silence,while I followed her to her lockers.

"Will you stop following me?!!"

"I dont need you to fall down the steps again..."

"So you dont believe,Melonie pushed me?"She said slamming her locker.

"Cassidy,I do believe she pushed you...But..."


"Nothing..."I said turning the other way.

"Why do you allways do that Xavier?"

"Do what,"I said walking backward with a confused face,as she walked closer to me.

"You allways just end the conversation..with nothing then you walk away,what are you afraid of?"

"Im afraid I'll say the wrong thing...Xavier Paused...And I'll lose you again,"I said in a whisper.

"Do you think were not made for eachother?"

"I think we need to just figure out how it got to this point!!"I said stunned at her question.

"And How do we do that?"She said holding on to her belly.

"Have a seat...Cassidy when we first met,and actually started dateing it was like arguments over petty shit and little debates werent even on the radar,then I moved here and everything changed,It was like you were deliberately trying to push me away,When I wanted to be apart of the babies lives."Cassidy Sat on the steps with me in tears,as I wrapped my arm around her waist scooting her closer.

"So,ehh emm Your saying its my fault all of this happen?"She said removeing my arm and wipeing her tears away.

"No,Im saying its both of our faults..Im saying that haveing a baby change the way we looked at our so called perfect relationship."

"I didnt plan to get pregnant...And I didnt plan on keeping this baby..but I thought keeping it would make us better for eachother...like we were before."

"And we can still be..we just have to stop with the lies and ..."

"The sex with other women..."Cassidy said cutting me off.

"And About that...I dont love like or even have feeling for Melonie...Im in this for you...For us...For the babies."I said putting my hands on her stomach,Cassidy laid her hands on top of mines as we felt our little Miricals move along with out fast paste heart beats.

"Im sorry Xavier,Cause your allways the one to run back and apologize and say what you did wrong while I stand around and let you take the bate for something I should be doing."Cassidy said crying stareing into my eyes.

"Is that your way of apologizeing?"I asked with curiosity,hopeing that comment wouldnt start another argument.

"Did it work?"

"Yeah,"I said kissing her lips Just as the bell we vaugely ignored,as the Student started to pouring out of the classroom.

"I see the the lovebirds are together again."Courtney Joked to Asia,As they walked past us to get to their class,Cassidy and I continued to kiss for what felt like an Eturnity or at least untill a teacher broke our lovely thoughts,and made us proceed 2 class.

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