4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{19.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~

After A long weekend of talking to both out parent’s and Cassidy’s mom filling an restraning order on Ted, And Cassidy's crazy food cravings I was tired and had to fight myself to stay awake as I drove on the road, while on the way to school, Cassidy and I still agreed to keep the secret of our baby so people won’t think I came to this school to be with her and the baby, and other’s won’t think she had the baby with pill’s or giving herself a shot everynight. Luckly I made it but was still tired. 

"Hey Xavier, What’s up?" 

"Hey Heather nothing what’s up with you?" 

"Nothing ... Hey did you hear Cassidy Ericson is pregnant?" Heather said as I got my books out of my car, sounding excited but shocked. 

"No, I...uh...Nope I didn’t hear that, So who’s the father?" I asked with curiosity to who they think it is. 

"They say her Ex, Nilo Drake ... They broke up like the middle of last year." 

"Who’s Nilo?" 

"You know the guy with the gourgous brown eyes, in our Ecology class ahhh---" She said going off into space. 

"Earth to Heather." 

"Ohh sorry ... What was I saying?" 

"You were talking about Nilo..." I said slamming my locker. 

"Oh... So anyway that’s what everybody is saying... I just can’t believe it I mean if you look at her you would have never been able to tell but hey I guess they got back together." 

"Hey guys." Snooze said coming up behind us. 

"Hey snooze." Heather said smiling from ear to ear and blushing, which I rarely saw. 

"Hey snooze what’s up, you don’t look or sound sleepy today!" 

"Yeah." He said looking at heather strange. 

"Yeah, So have you seen Cassidy today?" I asked trying not to sound obvious. 

"Umm Nope." 

"Yeah, Well I'd hate to steal Heather away from you but yeah, Heather you ready to go ...uhh--" 

"Oh yeah, yeah let’s go. Catch you later X squared." Snooze walked off hand in hand snooze smiling way to much for the quarter back on the football team and Heather walking with her hand under his jacket wrapping it around his waist. I laugh at there obvious soon to happen relationship then walked into the restroom to call Cassidy. 

"Where are you?" 

"I’m on the way I’m running late." 

"Babe I don’t think you should come today, people know your pregnant." 


"Yeah, and they think it’s by your ex Nilo" 

"Holy shit, how did everyone find out?!" 

"I don’t know maybe you should ask one of your friend’s maybe they told..." 

"I haven’t been with Nilo since--" 

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