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Summer of "62" B•R  by 80xhearthrobsx90
Summer of "62" B•R by Oldies story’s
Lilly Anderson is the most popular cheerleader and girl in school mostly with the boys. Who recently moved to California only 2 years prior. There's no girls baseball te...
┆ ₄ ;; TEEN PARENTS. ❝ where a hookup turns into a big life changing moment for the two teens, causing them to have many backstabbing moments with some softness ❀ :: ;;...
enemies | benny. r by sexyxdolans
enemies | benny. rby sexyxdolans
the bumpy story of a girl who suddenly begins to befriend her enemies.
The Golden Couple by knightsrachel
The Golden Coupleby Rachel
Sophie and Bryce are known as "the golden couple" at their high school, but everything changes for them when Bryce is diagnosed with cancer. ...
amazing grace.  christian yelich   (book one) by theyanks
amazing grace. christian ¿ baseball boys ?
"amazing grace, huh?" "what, stalking my instagram, yelich?" "never. okay, maybe." Grace Kingery is Scott Kingery's twin sister. Being a...
DeNunez Pretty Cousin (the sandlot Benny Rodriguez) by FlowerRose709
DeNunez Pretty Cousin (the FlowerRose709
What happens when Kenny's hot cool cousin comes back in town. And this time she's 10x as better as she was last time 4 years ago
INSTAGRAM || Cody Bellinger by cireyes13
INSTAGRAM || Cody Bellingerby c.
with social media, anything can happen.
Beautiful Change by Holland_Eve
Beautiful Changeby Holland
All it took was one night to change Everly and Caleb's life, but sometimes change is beautiful. ______________________________ 2_20_17 #508 in teen fiction 3_10_17 #264...
Blast From the Past by cwaggs92
Blast From the Pastby cwaggs92
Kelsey and Zach go way back. For three years straight, they spent every day of summer together at the beach. After they hit three years, Zach decided to break things off...
All Rise - Aaron Judge - by LGBishs
All Rise - Aaron Judge -by Laurenn6719
Olivia Benintendi, the sister of Andrew Benintendi, a major league outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, doesn't pay much attention to things. She can't decide if this flaw...
Phillips twin sister?    (benny love story) The sandlot by FlowerRose709
Phillips twin sister? (benny FlowerRose709
Phillips has a sister. not just ant sister a TWIN SISTER.her name is Deliah and she is comming over the summer to live with her parents .she was finally comming from liv...
The Bridesmaid by gabcxx
The Bridesmaidby Gabby
Natalia Grey has known Jessica Delp all her life. Growing up together in sunny Las Vegas, they grew close and never lost contact even after Jessie moved to Chicago to be...
Jealousy Makes You Nasty by Sammipott
Jealousy Makes You Nastyby Sammi🌻
Charlotte was always content not being a stereotypical popular girl, and thank god she had friends who would kick her ass if she ever became one. But now that her brothe...
✰ North ✰ || Benny Rodriguez (Book 1) by _expastelline__
✰ North ✰ || Benny Rodriguez ( 𝕙𝕩𝕟𝕖𝕪𝕓𝕖𝕖.🌻
let me show you how horrible life can actually be. but let me also show you how much it can change by 9 guys. (Lowercase intended) © 2019
Homerun by texasforever6
Homerunby Blake
Taegan didn't know what life was going to bring her but she definitely didn't expect those brown curls to make their way into her life.
Spiderman's Sister by mb202221
Spiderman's Sisterby mb202221
When Peter gets a call for help, the team may or may not end up finding out about his twin sister. Maddie quickly forms a close relationship with the last avenger anyone...
From The Other Side by ccreator
From The Other Sideby grey
Isaiah always had his focus set on school and baseball, but when he meets August, he suddenly begins questioning more than just his lack of a social life. ...
losin control; c. yelich. ✔️ by sarahscribes
losin control; c. yelich. ✔️by sarah!!!
"she's falling but she doesn't think you'll catch her." when you have the most perfect relationship but you don't realize you're going to have to lose it to wi...
Throw Like a Girl// Milwaukee Brewers Baseball by Cjjack
Throw Like a Girl// Milwaukee cj
It's crazy to think that just a few weeks ago I was watching the Brewers on my couch, just dreaming they could be my team. And now, my home team, the team I have watch...
Celestial Love (Anthony Rizzo) by Pentaholic2011
Celestial Love (Anthony Rizzo)by Chicago Sports
Celeste was born to be a star, the brightest in the celestial plains in the brightest part of the galaxy. She was a star that had become lost in all the darkness, seen b...