4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{75.}

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~*Xavier's POV*~

[9 months later]

9months had came and went like that and even though I knew Zaria's baby wasn't mine, Cassidy had still wanted to find out the test results.. And coincidentally it was a week until the twins first birthday, they had grown up so fast and now they could say mama, but still couldn't say dad yet. Everybody walked around in silence, even though we had our good days Cassidy and I still had a little regret and hate on our back, Sadie walked around with a sad look on her face, even since it was now her senior year she just didn't seem the same happy sister I use to have and my mother was still the hard working person I knew. I just hoped after this everything would get better.

"Xavier...Cassidy...Somebody...open up!!" A voice yelled from the front of the apartment, causing me to wake up out of my sleep, Cassidy was lying next to me, I looked over to my clock it was 1:48 pm.

"Who's that banging on the door?" Cassidy questioned while getting up and throwing on some sweat pants.

"I don't know, I'll go see."

"Well, who ever it is tell them to stop all the knocking...their going to wake the babies." Cassidy said as she brushed her teeth in the restroom, before answering the door I opened the room where the babies slept they were sound asleep.

"Great..." I walked over to the door, unlocking it and swinging it open before the person knocked with a loud thud.


"Hey...Xavier did we wake you?" It was Zaria and her boyfriend Eric who remained silent.

"Well, kinda...come in...what's up Eric?"

"Nothing, Can we have a seat?"

"Sure, let me get these toys off the couch...I pushed the toys to the floor...There you go."

"Hey, Zaria...Eric...I'm guessing you're here with the results." Cassidy said coldly getting right to the point.

"Um yeah...what she said. You got em?" Zaria pulled the papers out of her purse slowly.

"Can you speed this up?" Cassidy said with one hand on her hip.

"Calm down Cassidy..." We both took a seat.

"We...We haven't read them yet...So it will be as much as a surprise to us as to you," Zaria said smiling and opening the orange manila folder, Cassidy sighed loud as if she was getting impatient and Eric remained silent but his facial expression said hurry the hell up.

"Okay...So it says that Xavier you are 100%...."

(A/N haha Cliffhanger....)

~*Sadie's POV*~

"Drew...Hey, where are you I'm waiting outside the school, Xavier let me borrow his car so I can drive us home...give me a call when you get this." I hung up my cell and walked around the school in search for my boyfriend who was no where to be found.

"Sadie...Sadie...Just the girl I was looking for," It was my friend and Class Vice President Nicki.

"Hey Nic...what's up?" I said throwing my bags into the trunk of the car and walking back towards the school.

"Well, as Class Pres. It's your duty to pick the theme of the prom...which is in ehh emm four months."

"I know...I'll handle that Nicki don't worry, I'm Sadie Ericson I got this...hey have you seen Drew around?"

"Umm I saw him at his locker around 15 minuets ago...she laughed...but other than that nope."

"Oh okay...hey you need a ride home?"

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