4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{17.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~

"What, did he touch you? Are you okay? Hows the baby?" I screamed into the Phone. 

"He just, got ready to then got on top of me.... th ..." She tried to speak between cries and sobs. 

"It’s okay, I’m on my way, you pack a bag?" 

"Yeah, please hurry Xavier, I think I hear him waking up." After about ten minutes I pulled up to Cassidy’s house and ran up to the half open door. 

"Cass, Cassidy? Cassidy where are you?" I said as I ran around her house. 

"I’m over here." Cassidy was balled up in the corner. 

"Cassidy, Where is that asshole?" I said running over to her and picking her up. 

"He woke up, Xavier he woke up and then he slapped me." Her face had a giant blackish blue mark on one side of her cheek. 

"He hit you, where did he go?" I yelled. 

"I don’t know, I called my mom and told her I was staying at your house, she said she will just meet me over there. I’m so scared Xavier, Can we just leave?" 

"Yeah Baby we can leave." I grabbed Cassidy’s bags and her hand and led her to the car. On the ride home she fell asleep. When I got home I carried her into the house and was greeted by her mom and my mom talking on the couch. 

"Hey mom, Mrs. Ericson" I whispered. 

"How is she? Oh my god her face." Mrs. Ericson said as I laid her down on my bed. 

"Yeah, She said she was waiting for me and he woke up and slapped her." 

"That bantered!"Cassidy’s mom said under her breath. 

"Do you want to stay here also, Cassandra?" My mom said sounding concerned.  

"Sure, I would love to, Thank you so much." 

"It’s no problem, Xavier show her to the guest room." 

"Okay, Follow me Mrs. Ericson." I showed Cassidy’s mother to the guest room and then went to lay down with Cassidy, until I got tired. 

"Hey, Xavier." 

"Yeah Mom?" 

"You did the right thing I’m so proud of you for that, and whatever Cassidy beside’s tomorrow, I’m sure you will be a great father, Just like your father was for you and your sister." She said with tears in her eyes. 

"Thanks’ Mom that means allot to me!!" 

"Your welcome son, I’m going to bed...Goodnight." 

"Night Ma." I gave Cassidy a Kiss on her forehead and cutting off the light and laying down with my hand on her belly.



~*Cassidy’s POV*~


"Cassidy Ericson Room 4." The nurse called from the door. 

"Want me to go with you baby?" 

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