4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{28.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~ 

*~Three Months later~* 

"Hurry Xavier we have to go," I said rushing him out the door. 

"Okay babe let me grab my keys, calm down mama were gonna get to the hospital don't worry." He said locking the door and helping me down the steps. 

"Okay ... But really slow down I'm tired those were a lot of steps." 

"It was 5 steps Cassidy." He said sarcastically. 

"Yeah well it feels like 50 when you got a baby holding you down." 

"Babe put on your seat belt." 

"Don't forget we have to pick up Asia and Rey!!" 

"I thought they were meeting us at the hospital?!" He asked looking confused. 

"Ohh ... She paused to take a deep breath ... Well I'll call and see." 


"Hey Cass ... what up are you on the way?" 

"Are you two meeting us or riding with us?" 

"Umm well we will meet you. We have a few things to pick up before we head up to the hospital anyway." 

"Okay ... Okay, see you soon." 

"Okay bye Cassidy!" 

"Bye ... Xavier babe there gonna meet us up there." 

"Okay cool because two pregnant women in one car isn't safe."He joked. 

"Ohh ha-ha shut up." 

"Are those flowers for your mom?" 

"Yeah I go and change them every month, this time I brought bamboo and lilies, and it brings good luck. Is your mom going to be there to hear the sex of the baby?" 

"Yeah ... last time I talked to her she was on the way up there already." 

"Okay cool ... Ughh this baby is so damn heavy for me to be 4 months I feel like I’m 8 months. I mean damn Xavier if you only knew." 

"Yeah I'll pass ... Xavier threw his hand up in dismissal ... Seeing that pregnant man on TV a couple of years ago was enough for me thank you very much." 

"Okay whatever but one day the tables will turn and you men creatures will know how it feels mu-ha-ha-ha." I said with an evil grin. Holding my belly. 


"Oh my god ... The nurses hand slapped over her mouth ... Are you in labor? Is she in labor? DOCT--" 

"Mam...Mam...MAM!! I’m not in labor I’m just here for an ultra sound ... I smiled from ear to ear ... My name Cassidy Ericson and this is my boyfriend Xavier Newsome." 

"Oh I’m so sorry it just you look..." 

"Like I’m about to pop ughhh I know!!Can you just tell me what room my ultrasound is gonna be in?" 

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