4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{21.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

I sat in the Senior parking lot for fifteen minuet’s trying to decide if I wanted to go into the school and face the crowd of people waiting for me to enter the school, I wasn’t the only pregnant girl in that school… It was at least three other pregnant girls that I knew of that could probably relate to what I’m going through, When I finally found the courage to walk into the school, Only a few people stared while I looked around for my friends or should I say friend. 

"Did you get the abortion yet?" Nilo said walking up to the side of my locker resting on the door. 

"No, why would I. The baby isn’t yours anyway ... Now get away from me you don’t want me to throw up on your shoes like last time now do you?" 

"What do you mean it’s not mine ... I was your first right?" 

"NO, Now go away." I said pushing him away. 

"If I wasn’t then who was? Because I want to meet the guy who took Cassidy Ericson’s virginity!" He said causing some people to turn around then continue with their business. 

"Let go of my arm Nilo, Your hurting me." 

"Tell me who it was..." He said grabbing both of my arms tighter. 

"Please let me go ... Seriously you’re hurting me." 

"She said let her go..." Xavier said as he pulled Nilo away from me. 

"And who are you her body guards?" 

"No, I’m the father of her child ... Now get away from her you perverted asshole." Nilo and Xavier stood face to face which caused allot of unwanted attention to the two of them. 

"What did you just call me...?" Nilo said poking Xavier in the shoulder. 

"You heard me loud and clear... Do you really need me to repeat it or are you just that much of an idiot?" 

"Look new kid...You better watches your back...!" 

"Why should I...You just basically said you'll be watching it for me ... So I guess that’s why you football players are always slapping each other’s ass... So that must be what you all do in the locker room...Watching each other’s back’s huh..." 

"Xavier stops." I yelled. But before I could say another word Nilo had punched Xavier in the mouth causing blood to drip from the right side of his mouth, I screamed when he fell to the ground, then got back up, kicking Nilo in the stomach and punching him in the face... By this time half of the school was watching the two seniors fight...The screaming and yelling made me feel sick so I took off running to the bathroom. 

"ughhhh." I growled as I threw up in the toilet, After I was done I noticed I wasn’t the only one throwing up in the bathroom at the moment. 

"Hey, you okay?" The girl asked as she washed her face. 

"Yeah just got a little sick that’s all." 

"How many month’s are you?" 

"Two, two crazy months…What about you?" 

"Oh wow me too... I’m Asia... Your Cassidy right?" 

"Yeah... your right!!" I said smiling and shaking her hand. 

"I really don’t see why their making a big deal over you being pregnant there’s another girl in this school whose pregnant too, and shes bigger than the both of us put together." Asia said smiling and laughing at her own joke. 

"I know, So is your babies daddy at this school?" 

"Nope...And thank god! So is Nilo the father or not? Because people at this school gossip like the world is going to end, all over the school. In the corners, in the stalls." 

"No, he's not I told him that ... My so called best friend told her loud mouth boyfriend I was pregnant by him." 

"Wow that sucks." She said as we both walked out of the rest room, the fighting had stopped and the halls were back to normal. 

"Yep... Hey what class do you have now?" 

"Um...let me see US Gov." 

"Oh really me too, we can walk together… But I have to go back to my locker." 

"That’s cool." When I got to my locker and opened it there was a note from Xavier inside...It said to meet him at his car after lunch. 

"Wooh a secret admire maybe?" Asia Joked. 

"Nope a note from my dumbass baby daddy." 

"Ohh." Asia said laughing and grabing her stomach. I shook my head.

“Come on let’s get to class.” 



"Hey Xavier, your lip looks terrible." 

"Thanks!" He said shrugging his shoulders. 

"Sorry, Are you okay?" 

"Yeah… Look I saw how he grabbed you... And I only fought him because I thought he was gonna hurt you." 

"Why are you acting like this Xavier...What happened to the loving guy I knew at first?" 

"I’m right here Cassidy...I’m just tired of this off and on relationship we have your mad at me we break up I’m mad at you we break up... When will it ever stop!" 

"So are you tell me you dont love me anymore?" 

"I still Love you...but--" 

"And the baby do you love the baby?" 

"Of course..but--" 

"Then what’s the problem? Is it me?" 

"I don’t know what it is I just don’t feel the same way I did at first you know what I mean?" 

"NO... If I knew what you meant we wouldn’t be having this conversation don’t you think? Just tell me what your trying to say so I can know if we’re in this together or if I’m going to be a single mother because adoption is still on the table you know?!" 

"Cassidy... I just need time to breath!" 

"Ugh… uh yeah Xavier I understand you need time to breath, Look I'll give you 7 months… I’m tired too you know...I’m tired of fussing fighting, and being sick, I’m also tired of my swollen feet and my face, it’s getting fat too... So you know what. I’m going to my ultrasound appointment tomorrow and then I’m going to talk to the adoption lady... because I’m tired of you... All you've done is walk around here like a little mouse... Acting like your hiding something…Like you did something wrong. But I’m sure whatever it was I would get over it. I got to go... Oh and don’t forget to pick your sister up again like last time... Dumb ass." I said walking off towards my car. After I got in my car I turned up the radio putting it on full blast and driving down ... I started to cry then my tears turned into anger as I swerved in and out barely being able to see because of my watery eyes ... The last thing I remember was hitting a red car and spinning out of control... And the smell of gas and burning rubber in the air. What have I done.

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