4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{64.}

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~*Cassidy's POV*~

I woke up the next morning in a different room and different cloths to see my nurse Standing looking at the machine and writing thing's down.


"Ohh Cassidy...your up!!! How are you feeling?"

"Thirsty...where's Alexas and Courtney?"

"Downstairs in the nursery looking at the twins." She said smiling and passing me a cup of sprite.

"Thanks...I took a sip...When can I see them?"

"You can see them now if you have the strength to get up...I just have to go and get a wheel chair."

"What about my little boy...Is he okay?"

"Oh yes he's fine...he just was asleep like Dr. Anderson said that's why he wasn't crying right after we got him cleaned off and dressed he was a wake and cranky," she joked.

"ohh well...who changed my cloths?"

"Alexas...She was so nice about it also....Well I'm gonna go get you a chair, all I need for you is to sit on the edge of the bed."

"Okay," I struggled to get off the bed. Almost dropping my phone and remembered I still had to listen to that other message but I had only one notch on my cell.

"Okay Cassidy...Oh and I brung the Birth Certificate for you to sign...Wow you did a good job getting to the edge of the bed," she said grabbing under my arm to help me into the chair.

"So...when can I eat...I'm hungry!!"

"Well, we can order you food you can tell me what you want."

"Okay," I said as we got to the elevator...going up to the 10th floor where the maternity ward where my babies were..

"Okay, Cassidy put this on before we go in," she said handing me a blue cover up and a face mask. After putting on the material, I was finally able to see my babies.

"Cassidy...Your up!!" Courtney said holding one of the babies and walking over to me.

"Hey...did you go home and Change?"

"Yeah, I had to get some more things and I went to pick up some sweat pants and junk from your old house just in case you wanted to change cloths." She handed me Azalia.

"Oh she beautiful, she has Xavier's eyes....Did you see Rachael or Kasey?"

"Yeah, they were there I told them you were okay and they said they would come and visit around 2:30.," she said turning around when Alexas entered the room.

"Hey Alexas where's Travis?"

"he's sleeping, the doctors said he was really tired and to not pick him up yet."

"Is he okay?" I said with a blank face.

"I hope so, he's been sleeping a lot...the doctor say he's not premature or anything just tired. But on the other hand...Azalia is a very active baby dot you think?" she said changing the subject and holding on to her hand. Azalia started to cry.

"Oh its okay baby girl...Alexas do you think she's hungry?"

"Maybe...should I go get the nurse?"

"Okay." I brung Azalia's chest up to my sholder and began to rock back and forth trying to calm her down.

"Okay...I'm here, Cassidy are you going to breast feed to try another method?"

"Ummm, I breast feed....How much does the pump hurt?" I asked with curiosity.

"Well, I'm not really sure but it should hurt some, then you will probley get use to it." Azalia:the nurse said with a confused look.

"Oh well, Is there any where I can breast feed...ehh emm In private?"

"Oh yes, actually you can take the babies back to your room if you'd like."

"Okay...sounds great...but wait what about Travis?"

"Well, he can go too but his machine need to be hooked up so let me call and get a baby monitor hooked up in your room before you three head down there." Azalia finally started to calm down after Courtney pulled out a binky that she had bought from the gift shop and put it in her mouth.

"Alexas can you hold Azalia...I want to see Travis?"

"Sure," she grabbed Azalia, then I got up from the wheel chair and walked slowly towards the cot, just as Alezas had said he was asleep his little chest moving up and down as he laid on his back with his hand clinched into a fist, tears started to roll down my face thinking about Xavier And if he was ever going to see his children's face.

"Cassidy, they have the monitors hooked up, we can go up to the room now. Cassidy...are you okay?" Alexas said putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah...I whipped my tears away....I'm fine."

"You've been thinking about Xavier too huh?"

"Yeah...A lot, I don't know if he's alive or dead or what...Its hard to sit here and be happy you know?!?!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, I cant lose him either, but listen to me he is a trooper he will be fine...but right now lets go so you can feed your babies," she joked as the nurses staff came in to collect little Travis and take him to the room. Breast feeding was a bit hard, Azalia didn't know when to stop drinking even when she was full. Travis on the other hand really wasn't a big fan of breast feeding he would drink a little milk the stop, after about two hours he was full and awake, which made me smile. One thing the twins loved to do was cuddle and smile.

"They are so darn cute Cass...I just want to hold them forever."

"I know, aren't they, but at least their sleeping now."

"Yep, so where did these flowers come from?" She said pointing towards the flowers Travis brought yesterday.

"Oh they came from...a friend." I said smiling at the thought.

"Umm Humm that friend wouldn't happen to be the guy that was in here yesterday...was it?" She said pouring water into the pot.

"Yeah...he just brung em to say good luck."

"Oh..well that was nice of him."

"Yeah...It was...Can you pass me my phone...I have to check my messages."

"Here you go...oh and there is your food...wow Cass did you order the whole café?" She joked while taking some of the food for herself and cutting on the TV. I checked my voice mail first. It was from Travis.

"Uhh Hey Cassidy...It's Travis, just wanted to let you know we found Xavier...and He is Alive but unconscious....Call me when every you can...Uhh Bye..."

"AHHHHH," I yelled causing Courtney to jump and choke on her food.

"Cassidy...you okay?"

"I'm fine...I'm great...he's alive!!! Where's Alexas I have to tell her the news.?"

"What...slow down...what happen?"

"Xavier...he...he's alive!!!" I got up from the seat and walked over to the twins.

"Azalia, Travis your daddy's alive!!!"

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