4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{56.}

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*~Xavier's POV~*

"So what about this ring Rey...?"

"That's nice but...Rey paused...its kind of small don't you think?"

"Look man I only have 450 what else can I get,"I said shrugging my sholders.

"I know how about I give you some money to---"

"NO...OH NO...I couldn't I really don't like taking money from friends when I know I cant pay then back thanks Rey but no thanks."

"Its cool, Xavier trust me and you don't have to tell anybody you borrowed it from me okay!?!" he said digging in his pocket and pulling out his wallet.

"thanks Rey...I really need this." I said sincerely.

"Your welcome now go pick out a nice ring for Cassidy...one she will really like."

"I will don't worry." After an hour and a half of picking out rings for Cassidy I finally found the right one a 14 carat blue diamond ring with a silver lining. ---->( http://img.orolatina.net/products/4357_s.jpg ).

"That's a nice one Xavier." Rey said holding on to the box.

"I know Cassidy's gonna love it.

"Hey did Asia like the ring you got her?" iI said as we left the ring store and walked towards the car.

"Like it she loved it she wasn't expecting a ring like that actually her MoM helped me pick it out, I was just gonna get her a basic white diamond."

"Well good thing you didn't huh?"

"Yeah...So where are you off to?" he said getting on the expressway.

"I don't know lets go get something to eat." I said rubbing my stomach.

"Yeah, I'm kinda hungry to, do you like Taco Mayo?"

"Sure we can go there"

"Okay sure...we can go to the one closer by my house. Let me call Asia and see if she wants anything."

"Okay do that."

"Hey baby you want anything I'm gonna head over to taco mayo."

"Sure can you get me a nacho salad and a large coke?" she said as the baby cried in the background.

"Is Kayden okay...he sounds like he's crying a lot?"

"Yes, Rey he's fine just hungry. Are you close by the house?"

"Yeah, Xavier is gonna come over too."

"Oh cool is Cassidy with you two?"

"Uhh no...why?"

"Oh nothing its just she called this morning and wanted to come over."

"Ohh hold on...Hey Xavier have you talked to Cassidy today?" he said holding the phone off to the side.

"Uh not since this morning when I left for school," I said shrugging my sholders and pulling out my phone.

"Nope, he hasn't talked to her either."

"Oh well I'll call her, Rey don't forget about my salad, I'm starving."

"Okay I wont bye baby."

"Bye...." After getting something to eat we headed down towards Reys house, I called Cassidy again but got no Answer but just Figured she was sleep, seeing that was all she did now ah days.

"Hey Xavier, I couldnt get in touch with Cassidy...did you? "Asia said opening the door with the baby in her arms.

"Uhh nope, she's probley sleep."

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