A Chance Encounter (Tom Holland AU) [1] by dream_jess
A Chance Encounter (Tom Holland Jessica
Grace has been dancing ever since she could remember. She pays her way through college by teaching dance at a studio. At one point, she ends up meeting her celebrity cru...
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  • tomholland
  • gwenstacy
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talking bodies | Kaycee Rice & Sean Lew  by iidaahlberg
talking bodies | Kaycee Rice & Ida Ahlberg
Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice has literally been best friends since forever. Their dance videos are going viral and the chemistry between the duo can't be questioned. Everyon...
  • bestfriends
  • lewser
  • fanfiction
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Hidden talent by The-Brave-runner
Hidden talentby The brave runner
Andie is a girl who always had a dream to dance. She specialised in hiphop dance. She never showed anyone her skills. She never wants to. Until......READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!
  • boy
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  • yayayayatay
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Static by StarAce11
Staticby Star
I can't do this without you... literally They're only better together Sean Lew x Kaycee Rice #seaycee Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice were not good dancers, and they really wan...
  • joshprice
  • dancing
  • friends
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Learning to Dance in the Rain by knightsrachel
Learning to Dance in the Rainby Rachel
Completed. Holly Gardener grew up with four brothers, and more recently a single dad. So being a competitive dancer, and National Junior Dancer of the Year at the age of...
  • little
  • friendship
  • dance
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Dance is my life by KairaSchwengler
Dance is my lifeby Kaira Schwengler
My school is bursting with huge egotistical dancers. Not all dancers have huge egos but I swear everyone here does and that's not even the worst part. Grace Mae Andrews...
  • moving
  • bullying
  • love
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backstage season 3 by starrunner2526
backstage season 3by amp
follow the lives of keaton students as they pursue their dreams. ships: beckett and vanessa, miles and alya, jax and kit, aidan and scarlett some new characters, which...
  • becknessa
  • jax
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across the fandoms ★ brynn rumfallo x carson lueders | + hannie, jenzie, & maden by Kenzwhitnnie
across the fandoms ★ brynn ally :)
[completed] #1 in #ChickenGirls and #BrynnRumfallo (5-26-18) I lift my head from his shoulder. "You know, I'm just glad for friends like you guys." Carson smil...
  • maden
  • brynnrumfallo
  • jenzie
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Racing with the bad boy by ShannonBooth3
Racing with the bad boyby Shannon Sally
Amelia Banks isn't your typical girl, knowing all there's is to know about cars, racing and mechanics can make someone an outcast. Despite all of that she loves to dance...
  • pain
  • goodgirl
  • dance
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Dancing With The ALDC by HarperHallow
Dancing With The ALDCby Harper Hallow
Harper thought she was fine winning titles at her old studio, but when ALDC auditions start she tries out and is soon taken into a new world filled with homeschooling...
  • harperhallow
  • famous
  • abbyleemiller
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Dancing With The Player by NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
Dancing With The Playerby NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
When Brielle's dance instructor gets mad at her for missing yet another rehearsal, she gives Brielle an ultimatum: lose her solo that she needs to get into Julliard, or...
  • romance
  • dancingnovel
  • rich
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The dancer and The bad boy by kindlove706
The dancer and The bad boyby kindlove706
Meet Brooklyn Smith; She's 17 and a junior. She doesn't skip school, she doesn't take many risks, she's quiet and gets good grades...I guess you could say she's the good...
  • teenfiction
  • brooke
  • competition
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Independent | Peter Parker's Little Sister  by voidspiderman
Independent | Peter Parker's voidspiderman
ɪndɪˈpɛnd(ə)nt/ - Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. In which Adeline Parker realises maybe she does have people she can depend on. •avengers au• Th...
  • marvel
  • steverogers
  • peter
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The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach Houseby Beth Reeks
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
  • rock
  • dare
  • california
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Daddy's Favorite (ManxBoy) by BeenThere_
Daddy's Favorite (ManxBoy)by BeenThere_
Aiden Walker is in need of a sub. He's been having withdrawals ever since his last sub went crazy on him and he couldn't keep him around. He's very particular. So what h...
  • dominant
  • gay
  • manxboy
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This past week by roicexshamu
This past weekby roicexshamu
It's all from this past week. A Seaycee Fan Fiction
  • janelleadams
  • seanandkaycee
  • fanfiction
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Loved but not forgiven by VabnaMohan
Loved but not forgivenby Vabna Mohan
A journey of MaNan where they love each other but they can't forgive.... When you choose your happiness by making a mistake you bear the consequences
  • fab5
  • abhimanyu
  • ky2
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Love After All || Seaycee Fanfiction by MSmischief_official
Love After All || Seaycee officialMsMischief
"Oh god, what is this weird happy feeling? My palms and feet are sweaty. Why am I suddenly so nervous? What is this feeling?" "Maybe he just looked at me...
  • kayceerice
  • fan
  • loveafterall
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Caribbean Dream (A Klance Dance AU!) by SpaceGayLance
Caribbean Dream (A Klance Dance sope me
"Keith! We need to leave soon!" "Where are we going?" "To my zumba class." - Klance dance au! - Keith is forced to go to his mom's zumba c...
  • gay
  • klance
  • bxb
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The Accidental Text 《Daniel Seavey》 by BabyDanielJaames
The Accidental Text 《Daniel Seavey》by Daniel Seavey ♡
Grace texts Daniel accidentally. What happens next is anything but accidental. This story mentions self harm & rape. Do not read if that triggers you. *Ongoing*
  • daniel
  • jack
  • zach
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