✓ dirty dancing|park jimin by jimindigo
✓ dirty dancing|park jiminby ivy
But before our tongues could touch Jungkook's body was ripped away from me and a new set of lips were on top of mine. Jimin's kiss was fierce and strong. He squeezed my...
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  • kimjongin
  • bangtanboys
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The Art Of Dancing With Demons (Blue Exorcist/Amaimon) by WouldYouLarryMe
The Art Of Dancing With Demons ( Livin' like Larry ;)
Since the moment Emi was born, everybody saw her as the girl who was trapped in her own little world. She never talked, never smiled, never seemed to care, she was almos...
  • ballet
  • angel
  • shiemi
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Independent • Peter Parker's Little Sister • by voidspiderman
Independent • Peter Parker's voidspiderman
ɪndɪˈpɛnd(ə)nt/ - Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. In which Adeline Parker realises maybe she does have people she can depend on. •avengers au• Th...
  • wattys2018
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across the fandoms • brynn rumfallo x carson lueders | + hannie, jenzie, & maden by Kenzwhitnnie
across the fandoms • brynn ally :)
#1 in #ChickenGirls and #BrynnRumfallo (5-26-18) [completed] I lift my head from his shoulder. "You know, I'm just glad for friends like you guys." Carson smil...
  • maden
  • mackannie
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SENSORY LOVER: II [Jungkook Smut 21+] by Jo_Sario
SENSORY LOVER: II [Jungkook Smut Jo
"But he's dead--." Started: 180224 Ended: 180722 --- 180511: #238 in FANFICTION
  • comedy
  • romance
  • jungkooksmut
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A Chance Encounter (Tom Holland AU) by dream_jess
A Chance Encounter (Tom Holland AU)by Jessica
Grace has been dancing ever since she could remember. She pays her way through college by teaching dance at a studio. At one point, she ends up meeting her celebrity cru...
  • fanfic
  • holland
  • fanfiction
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My New Neighbour  by InfinitePeaceXx
My New Neighbour by InfinitePeaceXx
Highest rank - 20 in Teen Fiction Shelly Anderson is an average student living a normal life. Max Jackson is known as the most mysterious player and bad boy at school. ...
  • wattys2018
  • teenfiction
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pointe • zonah by dendrophillia
pointe • zonahby el
a story in which two broken souls are bound together through the art of music and dance «« started; april 6th, 2018 ended;
  • dance
  • wdw
  • zachherron
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Dancing With The Player by NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
Dancing With The Playerby NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
When Brielle's dance instructor gets mad at her for missing yet another rehearsal, she gives Brielle an ultimatum: lose her solo that she needs to get into Julliard, or...
  • rich
  • dancer
  • ewa2018
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The Ballerina Inside by TC_Ranae
The Ballerina Insideby TC_Ranae
Carmen Hills is your average teen. And just like any average teen she goes to a high school where you have the popularity group and the not groups. Carmen falls right sm...
  • teenfiction
  • teens
  • romance
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Racing with the bad boy by ShannonBooth3
Racing with the bad boyby Shannon Sally
Amelia Banks isn't your typical girl, knowing all there's is to know about cars, racing and mechanics can make someone an outcast. Despite all of that she loves to dance...
  • action
  • violence
  • teen
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Perfect Match // Daniel Seavey by danielcv2
Perfect Match // Daniel Seaveyby Laura
Logan and Jake Paul are supposedly the only Paul's. But no, there's me. My name is Lacy Paul. I am 17 and I live in Ohio. My mom and dad don't want me in the public. But...
  • fanfiction
  • jakepaul
  • happy
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Love Has No Age: Teacher / Student by soberbellarke
Love Has No Age: Teacher / Studentby soberbellarke
"How about this, every question you get wrong you have to take a piece of clothing off of you and when you get it right I have to take a piece of clothing off of me...
  • school
  • dancing
  • teenagers
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Why Don't We Dance • WDW • by FearlessAngel1272
Why Don't We Dance • WDW •by Fearless A.
Chelsea, Ayla, Lia, Brynn, and Zoey are dancers from across the U.S. They decide to come together and form a group called "Squad Dance" in L.A. They decide to...
  • whyaretheresomanytags
  • rising
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Operation Fix the Bad Boy (Sequel to OBTBB) ✔️ | Jenzie by flawlessfanfiction
Operation Fix the Bad Boy ( ✎ kadie
| book 2 of the 'Operation' series | completed | "Best story ever!!!❤️❤️" ~ mia_thesavage "THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER" ~ purplefacey "...
  • fiction
  • dancemoms
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The dancer and The bad boy by kindlove706
The dancer and The bad boyby kindlove706
Meet Brooklyn Smith; She's 17 and a junior. She doesn't skip school, she doesn't take many risks, she's quiet and gets good grades...I guess you could say she's the good...
  • teenfiction
  • drinking
  • dance
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Just Dance /LanceXReader/                   {Voltron Dance AU}  by Ceceblk
Just Dance / Lancey Lance
You have to take up a dance class to get extra credit towards your PE grade at school, you don't like to do PE mostly bc it involves running, but you love to dance, nobo...
  • friends
  • dancing
  • voltronau
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Pretty Much Interracial Imagines by MelaninsOwnGoddess
Pretty Much Interracial Imaginesby Melanins Very Own
Interracial Imagines for my fellow colorful BEANZ. ⭐Brandon Arreaga ⭐Edwin Honoret ⭐Austin Porter ⭐Nick Mara ⭐Zion Kuwonu
  • austinporter
  • zionkuwonu
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Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2018) by cc2casey
Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2018)by ItsKC
#1 in Girlfriend #2 in Brothers #5 in Love #45 in Teen Fiction #64 in Sadness #8 in Dance Eight boys. One girl. One grand home. When Dakota Hart gets forced to move away...
  • brothers
  • hate
  • wattys2018
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The Accidental Text 《Daniel Seavey》 by BabyDanielJaames
The Accidental Text 《Daniel Seavey》by Daniel Seavey ♡
Grace texts Daniel accidentally. What happens next is anything but accidental. This story mentions self harm & rape. Do not read if that triggers you. *Ongoing*
  • daniel
  • zach
  • jonah
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